Reality Show: Who wants to run Iraq?

Reality Show: Who wants to run Iraq?
: Donald Trump called into Howard this morning and Artie joked that the winner of the next Apprentice would run Iraq. And out of that, of course, came the obvious observation that the only person who probably could run Iraq is Amorosa.

  • They wouldn’t like her just like we don’t like her. But at least then she wouldn’t be on my TV screen anymore. She the lying liar who lied, and that is as fair and balanced as I can get.
    Kwame should have fired her ass. That would have been fun to watch.

  • foo

    um, what?
    That’d be like putting the worst two-faced State Department staffer in there to run it.
    The Left complains that Bush lied–but it’s okay that Omarosa did?
    Kwame should have fired her because the other two would have worked harder for him the minute that he did, too.

  • Pele

    Ha ha good joke. Please read…

  • I found it fascinating and telling that the one person on the show who had worked in Washington was the worst at business and best at lying, dogding responsibility, and self promotion – Omorosa.

  • And she was part of the Clinton administration and got fired not once, but twice!!! Seems she got fired 4 times in 2 years. She’s a local, so there’s been quite a bit about her in the WP lately.