Uh-oh, Canada

Uh-oh, Canada
: BlogsCanada got threatening letters from the government of Canada telling them to cease and desist use of copyrighted government logos. It’s ridiculous and offensive on many levels. First, the materials aren’t direct copies. Second, in this country, parody and satire would cover such use as is made here. Third, most important, don’t the people of Canada own what the government of Canada produces? Or is that still the Queen?

  • James Stephenson

    Like the commentor recently on Roger L Simon’s or Michael Totten’s website said, “I can not wait until Kerry is elected so we can ban this hate speech, like the enlightened folks in Europe have.”
    So no it does not surprise me that Canada, who oh so longs to be part of that European Elite would try and crack down on a dissident voice. For you Internationalists, please realize not everything that comes out of Europe is a godsend. In fact, some are downright scary.
    Of course, I also disagree with this Administration on both it’s crazy spending and morality police parts. Although, seeing how my daughter will be born next month, I may change my mind on the morality thing.

  • You guys are nuts. What about blogs canada is a parody? It’s a rip off of their design, and worse, the similarities make it seem like the sites are related. This is a legit complaint. He even admits “Ever since launching BlogsCanada last August, I’ve been waiting for the Government of Canada (GoC) to tell me that they don’t like the way this site looks so much like the main GoC site.”
    My main argument is, “Why not come up with an original design?”

  • Sam

    While in the US, the published products of the US Government are in the public domain, this isn’t necessarily the case in other countries.

  • “Oh, Canada!
    Glorious to thee!
    Oh, Canada! Where is your mil-a-tary?
    Oh, Canada!
    We’ll lend the Cup to Thee!!!”
    /Screw Broduer. Billy Smith Still Rules!

  • Jeff:
    No, the Queen doesn’t.
    The government owns our flag.
    I think it will probably rule in BlogsCanada’s favour as parody.
    Neat to see US bloggers link up, thanks for adding your voice.
    Ought to help bureaucrats at our Department of Justice and the Treasury Department get briefed on what blogging is. Blog on!