Tax cut? What tax cut?

Tax cut? What tax cut?
: If anybody on the Bush campaign had thought ahead — and I’m glad they didn’t — they’d have been smart to put up a tax-cut calculator: Put your 1040 in here and see how much you saved. That struck me as I read yesterday’s Times story on how much Bush and especially Cheney saved from the tax cut: smart angle on the story, namely, how the tax cut benefits a couple of very well-known rich guys. I realized that I have no idea what it did or didn’t do for me. It would have been smart of the campaign to put up something on the web telling you what you saved and whom to credit. But, oh, drat, it’s already April 15. Too late.

  • I used TurboTax online and it had a nifty comparison showing just how the new tax cuts saved me X dollars. I think InstaPundit mentioned this as well at some point.

  • Keith

    Sorry but, I don’t know how you can consider a savings. The way I look at it they ended up getting screwed less.
    The Bushes have paid as much in taxes this year than I have paid over the last 10 or 15 years. Do rich people get any greater public services? No! They actually get less because they are rich.
    Flat tax, let everyone pay the same burden. After all we pay too much as it is.

  • Matt

    It doesn’t matter what the amount of the tax cut is, it will be greater than Kerry’s.

  • enloop

    I’m not married. Was there a tax cut? Didn’t notice one.

  • Ebb Tide

    Yeah, Kerry had to sell a million dollar painting so so he could eat. ::::sniffle::::

  • pepper

    Release Theresa’s taxes and see how much money Kerry really got…Singalong Time….”I’m just a gigilo, and everywhere I go”””………

  • Angelos

    Tax cut? It’s just shuffling money around. If the feds take less, they give less to the states. So the states take more. My local and school taxes went up as soon as the fed rate went down.

  • The point is not how much it helped me directly, it is how much it helped the economy. If I thought paying 50% of my income in taxes would solve all the worlds problems, I would gladly pay it. I know that all it would do is employ more bureaucrats and crush the economy.
    The tax cuts have really helped the economy that was in free fall when Bush came in. Jobs were slow at first, especially in IT were I work, but know I get several calls a day from recruiters.

  • Puff

    I used taxact in 2002 and again in 2003, it has a comparison table at the end that showed I paid 30% less than last year (and I’m in the 15% bracket so I’m not poor but I’m not exactly rich either). Thats going to pay for the wifes next semester of school and a new range.

  • El Jefe

    Thanks Pepper!

  • I was unemployed for half of last year and still got back $1600. The increase in child tax credit helped. This year the taxes are going to be heinous since I’ll probably be working all year.

  • superfly

    I compared a 1999 1040 form with a 2003 form. In both years I would have been in the 15% bracket, but with changes in marriage and other deductions I paid $800 less than I would have pre tax cut. If I was not already voting for George W. Bush this might have put me over the edge.

  • Cheney didn’t get to take advantage of the tax cut. The alternative minimum tax kicked in and wiped it out.