What would you have asked the Pres?

What would you have asked the Pres?

: If you’d been invited to the Pres conference last night, what would you have asked the Pres?

I wouldn’t have asked what the press did. I wouldn’t have kept harping for an apology, a confession of failure, a mea culpa, a begging for forgiveness, a rendition of Feelings with feeling. That’s not news. That’s not policy. That’s meaningless. It’s spin.

Right now on the FoxNews afternoon talk show, they’re replaying the questions reporters asked last night and asking the audience whether they are — of course — “fair and balanced.” You can guess the answers.

I’d ask instead whether they were good questions. Too many weren’t.

Also below, I suggest that the White House press office — or any flack in power — would be wise to ask bloggers to a press conference to do what reporters are supposed to do: Ask the questions that we, the people, would ask if we’d been invited.

So what would you ask the Pres?