Citizens’ media in Iraq

Citizens’ media in Iraq
: U.S. Marines in Iraq are raising money to equip seven TV stations in Iraq to be owned and operated by Iraqis. From the Spirit of America site:

News broadcasts in Iraq can be biased, inaccurate and incomplete – to put it mildly. Your contribution will create a television alternative owned and operated by Iraqis. This will provide better information, counter efforts to provoke and help reduce tensions….

It is essential to success of the Marine Corps’ mission in Iraq that the Iraqi people understand our sincerest desires to help them rebuild their country and lay the foundation for a viable and free democratic society.

This is wonderful on a few fronts: See how our soldiers are working hard to help the people of Iraq. Operation Give brings gifts to children. Soldiers are helping rebuild the nation after years of neglect. And now there is this effort to help Iraq. Note that contributions are being raised as a memorial to the soldier just killed in Iraq — one of three sisters there — and it is being given to benefit Iraqi orphans. Our soldiers care about the people of Iraq.

On another front, it’s great to see the recognition that putting the tools of media in the hands of people will be good for democracy (and let’s hope we don’t shut down these stations as we shut down a paper). I’ll be saying more about how we can all help to do this online as well soon. [via Armed Liberal]