The Pres conference

The Pres conference
: It is as if Bush listened to Jay Rosen and ignored the press in the room and addressed the people directly. He spoke for 20 minutes regarding Iraq with more eloquence and force than usual, about our obligation and our determination. He will send more troops. We cannot think of defeat.

And it’s as if the press is listening to Rosen, too, and plays its bozo role perfect, asking the first question about Iraq and Vietnam and a “quagmire.”

Now I hate to bring everything back to bloggers; it’s so damned blogcentric, so blogotistical, so blognoxious.


If I were the Pres’ press secretary, I’d invite a few bloggers to the Pres conference and make sure the Pres called on them. These people, as citizens, would represent the citizens and their questions better than the detached, obvious, quagmiring reporters in the room. The press would hate it. But how could they complain, really, about citizens coming to the White House to question power? Isn’t that what reporters are supposed to do? Not challenge power. Not disdain power. Question power.

: Just amazing that the reporters keep harping on wanting Bush to say that he made a “mistake” or “failed” or should “apologize.”

Jeesh, do they think this is Oprah and they’re all Dr. Phil?

  • Yep, the press played its partisan, badgering role to the hilt. Can you come up with one question that was asked that actually attempted to elicit information, rather than score gotcha points?
    And Bush as always played the partially stumbling, diffident role which always comes back to his own core points, regardless of the ask. Stuff that makes you want to cringe as you hear the beginning of the reply, and go ‘uh-huh’ as he brings it back around to a visceral statement about his own views, and Americans’ beliefs in what we are. Chimp. Yeh, right.
    But Jeff, having grown up in flyover country, let me tell you that if that was widely watched, the press damned itself and GWB secured his base. If that was what Jay feared – he was right.
    And you’re too modest on what bloggers should aspire to. Participation in that sort of carnival is no distinction. This medium is about depth. Try again.

  • Bush can’t even answer a question straight from a wimpy corporate press lackey, how the hell could he stand up to a blogger who isn’t an administration kiss-ass?

  • yeah, b/c who wants a HUMAN president who admits when he makes a mistake, or takes responsibility for his (in)actions?
    would it have been THAT much of a bad thing, if he DID own up to any one of his gaffes?!? if he handled it right (HAH!), it could have been a positive for him.

  • Now I hate to bring everything back to bloggers; it’s so damned blogcentric, so blogotistical, so blognoxious.
    True, but your idea is bloggeriffic!

  • Andy Freeman

    The problem with the apology is that many/most of the people demanding one won’t be satisfied with anything short of “I resign”.
    The right approach to people who can’t be satisfied is to ignore them.

  • Rob

    Two S’s in Press, you fuckin idiots.

  • Trump

    Why the hell should Bush apologize? Just to satisfy a hard left hack like Oliver Willis? I didn’t hear Clinton make an apology for the embassy bombings, the USS Cole attack, the 1st WTC attack….
    It’s sad that the left is trying to pin more blame for 9/11 on the evil Republicans instead of Al Qaeda…

  • tonight we saw exactly why this man doesn’t do press conferences.
    he seriously couldnt think of one mistake he’d made since 9/11?
    are you kidding me?
    a politician who cant be honest or think up something funny while avoiding the question is neither a politician nor a leader
    he’s just lost.
    i really hope too many little children had to see that mess.

  • Sortelli

    Did anyone ask “If you’re so innocent, why won’t you admit that you’re not?

  • How would one go about doing that (getting into a press conference to ask questions)? It might actually be a good idea if anyone here is near DC or could get there without too much trouble.

  • Syl

    The press showed its panties tonite. Not one question to elicit actual information. Just party play.
    I’ve got news for you. That French PR guy is right. Americans prefer straight-talkers and doers. Bush rocked! his bits of bumbling just cover for his refusal to answer unserious questions.
    Bush gave us committment and optimism. He actually believes in America and what we can do. Not like the worrywarts who think we need the U.N. to hold our hand.

  • burnplant

    Syl is right, Bush is so great. I couldn’t believe how eloquent and forceful he was. A few years from now students will study that press conference in school. Genius, man, pure fraggin genius.
    What a god!

  • Syl

    Too bad burnplant is a form over substance kinda fellow. Misunderestimating Bush is gonna bite you in November.

  • O’McSomething

    “And we

  • Tomi

    I actually thought of you last night while watching the press conference. I remembered your rant about the worthlessness of Clarke’s apology for 9/11 when the reporters were trying to squeeze an apology out of Bush for 9/11. They were asking him if he felt “personally responsible.”
    When he finally said, Look, Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. I actually pumped my fist, “Yes!” Why is that so difficult for people to understand? Any failure on our part was a failure of imagination. That doesn’t make any one person in this administration or the last personally responsible for 9/11.
    Anyway, when Bush finally gave that response, I thought of your Clarke comment and thought you might be pleased at Bush’s response. Then again, I could be wrong.

  • Angelos

    Are none of you embarrassed that this … moron is the “leader” of this country. This Bo-tard who has accomplished absolutely nothing of his own accord, who just jumped from here to there with an advance phone call from Daddy.
    “You want a baseball team Georgie? Ok, sweetie, Daddy will take care of it. You want an oil well? Sure.”
    This man has no capacity for rational, nuanced thought, for anything beyond rote repetition of ideas he’s been given by others. As Jeff said in a post above this one, good speechwriter.
    Is it any wonder Bush does one press conference a year, is on vacation 40% of the time, and did everything he could to fuck with the panel’s need to question him? His puppeteers are terrified of him falling off the strings in public.

  • yes, i am embarrased, angelos.
    and its also embarrasing that america cant get it together and nominate truly intelligent people who can communicate under pressure about serious topics.
    dr. rice, for example, was clearly lucid in answering difficult questions, and fluent in the native language.
    too bad she is a black woman, because apparently that overshadows her abilty, intelligence, and poise.

  • David

    Yes I am embarrased. By your total lack of understanding. God man, get a clue.

  • Angelos

    Rice, lucid? This argument was already done to death in a different comment thread, but she gave 15-minute non-answers to simple yes-or-no questions that Bush does. Obfuscate, dissemble, but remember youre under oath, so you can’t actually like like when you’re on TV.
    The race issue, ugh. Our PC culture has made it impossible to discuss race rationally. I forget who it was on the panel (Kerrey?) who felt the need to commend her on her success over “adversity”. He might as well have said she was “well-spoken for a black chick” too, while he was at it. What an idiot.
    David, care to actually say anything? Or are you another one of those ditto-heads, content to accept what they feed your head, and attack without reson anyone who doesn’t just accept. Kind of like organized religion, actually. Which is why it’s no surprise Bush and the funied are so in bed with each other.

  • Angelos

    Pardon the typos, my machine crapped out temporarily and my mouse happened to be over the post button when it happened. Didn’t get a chance to proof.

  • Trump

    So he’s a lousy public speaker.
    Big whoop.
    Only fricking intellectual snobs base their vote on that.
    Look at his actions. They’re much more eloquent than his words.
    Clinton was a great public speaker, all “I feel your pain” and quivering lower lip and concerned look in his eyes.
    And he did nothing.
    Give me a tongue-tied president who acts decisively over a smooth talking poll-watcher any day.
    ANY DAY.

  • PilotCman

    Ah Trump?
    Clinton was a much better president. Bush runs the country much like he speaks. Without thought

  • Bush was Great. I think this speech pretty much won him the election. The passion, the strength, the compassion with the soldiers and thei families. I was practically in tears and I’m a big man. This guy is the best president we had since president Polk, the other president who changed the face of America for centuries to come.

  • Greasy Keys

    Ricky–You’ve got to spop stroking your own personal lil’jenna in the middle of the day. You will go blind. And check your back. You know those guys in trenchcoats and dark glasses who have been following you….

  • Angelos

    “Only fricking intellectual snobs base their vote on that.”
    Yes, there are some people out there that would like to see a semblance of intelligent thought from the President.
    If asking for a clue makes me a snob, sign me up.
    Eloquent actions?
    -His very first act as President was reinstating his Daddy’s gag order, to withhold funding from any worldwide health organizations that even *discuss* the option of abortion; this left these organization without enough money to even provide basic birth control, pre-natal, and post-birth services. That was the compassionate side of his conservatism.
    -The outright lies to get his drug plan passed. Did we say 400 billion before the election? Oops, we meant 600+ billion.
    -An ill-conceived and poorly executed war on a sovereign nation, with a case inflated by lies. Even if you think the goal was righteous, and for a while I did, this was a terrible plan. Our troops are undermanned, under-supplied, and out-numbered. He’s hung them out to dry.
    Poll-watching? Bush is worse than Clinton was, and that’s hard to top. The problem is, he only pays attention to those in the choir. And of course the bible-thumping zealots (hi Trump!).
    This man and his cronies have a vision, that I can only assume stems from the mind-numbing lack of critical thought that lets one become born-againism, that is totalitarian in nature. In terms of religious control and police-state control.
    Hitler was pretty convinced he was right too.

  • JohninLondon

    I watched the press conference from across the pond. I saw a coherent statement at the start, plenty of fluidity in answering the early questions, some slow stuff in the middle, and a very forceful conclusion. “I do not flip-flop, especially on the big stuff”
    In repsonse to a lot of footling questions, Bush did not make any mistake. He was not trapped into a single dangerous answer.
    As he might say, you misunderestimate him, and the resonance of his core message. Which is why he looks likely to trounce Kerry come November.

  • Angelos

    He did not GIVE any answers. He never strays from his script, except he can’t even do that very well, because of his limited vocabulary and innability to think on his feet..
    If you asked him his dog’s name, he’d think for a bit, give you that zero-IQ grin, and start talking about how the world is better off without this madman.
    Don’t mistake repetition for determination. He just doesn’t know what else to say.

  • Fubar3rd

    What was your GPA when you were getting your MBA at Harvard?