: Wil Wheaton joins VH1’s Best Week Ever blog, reports Daniel Radosh [via Media Drop].

  • dlr

    One or both of us wrote our posts too ambiguously. To clarify, if it was not clear, Wil is joining BWE as a blogger not an on-air panelist. Which would make him star-blogger-blogger, right?

  • the best blog from a great tv show has now officially jumped the shark.
    i knew they were in trouble when they linked him on the left hand column of links.

  • Jean-luc

    And this is important because?

  • Thanks for the link.
    Let me clear this up…
    I invited Wil to contribute the BWE blog. It’s unrelated to being a panelist on-air. However, Wil has also been a panelist on past episodes. And he was funny too.