God’s victory

God’s victory
: Jesus beats Hellboy.

  • KMK

    I finally went to see to the Passion. I went with a group of friends, some who had seen it already. Spent most of the movie pointing out the symbolism and traditional lore in the movie. There was a lot of it. The Aramaic was interesting, especially the words not translated via subtitles. Pontius Pilate was certainly portrayed sympathetically. This movie should come with a Playbill to explain what a lot of it meant. It was defiantly violent. As for being anti-Semitic I don’t know. How easy is it for the average person to pick out what is Gospel and what is hollywood. The people I went with couldn’t.

  • bob

    Hellboy: goofy, fun. Perlman was fun to watch in it. He pulled off some nice one-liners, and looked good in (as?) red. Mostly targetted to kids and comic fans, though.
    Having seen both movies, here’s a comparison …
    Hellboy: goofy sidekick and cute babe at his side.
    Jesus: solemn sidekicks and, ooh, Monica Bellucci.
    Hellboy: fighting against demonic forces of evil
    Jesus: praying against demonic forces of evil.
    Hellboy: came from hell.
    Jesus: might have visited for a short time.
    Hellboy: Spawn of Satan.
    Jesus: Spawn of God.
    Hellboy: bright red.
    Jesus: well, for most of the movie …
    Hellboy: great one-liners.
    Jesus: didn’t talk much during the movie.
    Hellboy: best out-of-context line is, “Second date, no tongue!”
    Jesus: best out-of-context line is, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
    Hellboy: got his butt whooped repeatedly, kept coming back.
    Jesus: same, but only came back once. Then left soon after.
    Hellboy: irreverent.
    Jesus: only talked back to his father once.
    Hellboy: really scary-looking as a kid, sort of goofy-looking as an adult.
    Jesus: really cute as a kid, turned south toward the end.
    Hellboy: there are wild rumors that he is real.
    Jesus: same.
    Hellboy: sequel chances .. if the box office is good, there might be a sequel within a few years.
    Jesus: it’ll probably be a while, but avid fans say it’s a Sure Thing.
    Hellboy: if box-office ratings are high, there might be a lame sequel.
    Jesus: avid fans say sequel is a Sure Thing, and would be totally apocalyptic.

  • And on a serious note, they’re both on the same side.
    I know, demon = irredemably evil.
    Stuff that. If God wants to give demons and the angels of Hell free will and a way to redemption, that’s God’s business.
    As God once said to a chap by the name of Jonah, “The bush wasn’t even yours, yet you bitched and moaned about its death. But I’m not supposed to show kindness and forebearance to a people who have repented of their sins. Do you have any idea of just how bent that sounds?”