National Pussyfooting Radio

National Pussyfooting Radio
: You have to hand it to NPR for finding new euphemisms. Tonight, on a story about the homeless in California, they were called the “placeless population.” Now even “homeless” is a bad word.

And we used to call people who didn’t work “bums.”

  • The “differently dwelling”?

  • Ga-ne-sha

    I know if I were homeless, I would be severely offended at then being also called “placeless”.

  • freebird

    The “residentially challenged”?

  • How about “underemployed”?

  • Yeah, kind of like referring to mercenaries as security contractors.

  • Rick


  • Those who reside under the viaduct or in the woods between the highway and the railroad tracks, by choice, are not placeless just because their place is not a home. Those who have been pushed to retire from the military based on time served and are now employed to defend administrative buildings and food deliveries can quite properly be called security contractors.

  • Angus Jung

    “Yeah, kind of like referring to mercenaries as security contractors.”
    Or to you as human.

  • Hey, whatever, were the “mercenaries” working for a foreign government? I thought they were US citizens, same as the people they contracted out to.
    Oh sorry — I see I’m using the “old” definition of mercenary; the new one is “person who gets hazard pay for doing dangerous, dirty job.”

  • Urban outdoorsman? Urban outdoorspeople?

  • urban outdoorsman. that’s got a nice ring to it.
    tho I’m also partial to garbage farmers.

  • Mercenaries: paid, private soldiers – and they are foreigners, to Iraqis.
    Maybe we could get all the “security contractors” to round up all the “garbage farmers” and send them over to the “camel jockeys”.
    Why break the vicious circle of dehumanization when we can whip it into a fascist frenzy? That is pure entertainment! Enjoy!

  • They still are “bums”.

  • felixrayman

    People who don’t have homes, and who won’t work are bums. People who don’t have homes, but who work when they get the chance are ‘hobos’. People who DO have homes but don’t work are called ‘Republicans’.