Do not remove label under penalty of law

Do not remove label under penalty of law
: A fabric-care label in apologizes in French for President Bush: “We are sorry that our President is an idiot. We didn’t vote for him.” [via Loic]

  • bob

    I disagree with the sentiment, but that’s pretty cute. Probably won’t last long, but cute.

  • sickles

    guess they’re afraid to say it in english.

  • Wow, those guys showed the President! I am sure that Bush is blushing now with embarrassed anger.
    Of course, the jack booted thugs of Ashcrofts patriot-squads are already deployed to take these guys out. Too bad.

  • Mike

    Read the comments section over at that blog. It is highly enlightening to read the views from the left, some of them are pretty scary. Although it is worth the time to laugh at those who think they are of superior intelligence.

  • michael

    “Although it is worth the time to laugh at those who think they are of superior intelligence.”
    Becuase we all know that the Right holds the monopoly on superior intelligence.

  • harry

    That’s a really dumb non sequitur, michael. You’d be wise to remember the old saw about keeping quiet and letting people speculate whether you’re a fool.

  • El Jefe

    Maybe it’s an old label. Circa 1993-2000?

  • Apex

    “Becuase we all know that the Right holds the monopoly on superior intelligence.”
    Damn straight!

  • Buzz

    Clever actually: You’re all assuming they’re talking about Bush. Since it is in French couldn’t they be talking about Chirac?
    Oh I’m sorry. Then it would have said, “We’re sorry for our corrupt oil-drenched crony president, who sold out Iraqi children for a few million Euros.”

  • Sandy P,

    Umm, Michael, you do know that conservatives score highest on tests, don’t you?
    So, you’re right.
    Somewhere in the archives of dissectleftism is the post and link, IIRC – have fun.

  • perletwo

    The Dixie Chicks are making computer sleeves now? Who knew?

  • sasha

    Any good graphic artist with Photoshop could make a picture like that read just about anything you wanted….

  • Walter Wallis

    As I said on that site, it is no coincidence at all that both Democrat and Dungbeatle begin with a “D”.

  • ronbo

    Mike is right – the comments are scary. One of the uglier was the gent who wrote about how democracy gave him the right to call the president names and enjoy every minute of it.
    He’s right, of course, in a VERY limited sense, but how hard do you think he would fight to protect that right – let alone protect it for someone else?

  • michael

    What is limited about a citizen’s right to call the President names? Is that not the basis of a free, liberal democratic system – that we can openly criticize and, yes, even ridicule our leaders?
    And on what basis, excatly, do you feel that person is not willing to “fight” (whatever that means) for that right? Talk about a non sequitur

  • Patriot

    that antipatriotic blog is now history.
    mission accomplished.

  • ronbo

    Michael —
    Ridiculing our leaders is certainly protected under our system, but the commenter seemed to be saying that this was the system’s purpose. Do you agree? I believe that our system *includes* the right to ridicule, but its purpose is broader and (if I may say so) nobler: to prevent the tyrrany of the majority by ensuring a free flow of ideas. “Bush is stupid” is protected, but it isn’t an idea.
    As to your other point, if our free, democratic system is indeed as trivial as the commenter seems to believe, why should he (or anyone) fight to defend it?