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: SINS OF COMMISSION: Yesterday, I fisked National Nanny Michael Powell’s speech to the National Association of Broadcasters. I didn’t have the time — or courage — to dig into the truly frightening mind of FCC Commissioner and Would-be Ayatollah Michael Copps, the dangerous democrat. Ernie Miller did fisk him. Says Copps:

We are here because millions of Americans have made it convincingly clear that they no longer will tolerate media

  • sol

    Evolution is a crock. A theory for dupes, grant money addicts, and intellectual buffoons. “But it’s been around for so long now!” Yes, so has Marxism. Doesn’t make it any less of a crock.

  • syn

    So now the FCC is using Ayatollah-like tactics.
    What do you call those in Hollywood who are now using their monolithic power structure to incorporate their political views into sitcom entertainment?
    Jeff, did you have a chance to see the NBC ‘Law and Order’ entertainment show where one character makes reference to President Bush supposed ‘lied to get into Iraq’ mantra? How about ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ and the reference to Republicans ‘being in the room’?
    Jeff, I cannot figure out whether you are writing on behalf of the public or on behalf of the monolithic entertainment industry.
    To simply say that if the public can ‘turn the channel’ is not much of an option when the entertainment industry does not provide any options.
    Go ahead Jeff, fight for those who truly control what we say, think and feel. Hollywood has tons of money to pay you off.

  • Jeff,
    He’s right, millions of us simply won’t sit by any longer and let this smutty race to the bottom keep polluting our environment. Think of it as the second wave of Earth Day activism. Citizens agitated for the government to help clean up their air and water a generation ago, and now we need to focus on the airwaves. And it’ll happen because it’s the right thing to do, and tens of millions of smart people know it in their gut, regardless of what you and Howard Stern and a handful of other lunatics think. This righteous indignation cuts across all demographics, all politics and all persuasions. So you’re gonna get rolled on this, pal…

  • Hunter McDaniel

    syn, I understand where you’re coming from but the solution is to open up the entertainment cartels to competition, not to try to regulate the content. In this day and age, how long do you think it will be before the liberals manage to claim that any negative portrayals of minorities or gays was “indecent”? You don’t want to go there.
    If you think Jeff is in Hollywood’s pocket I’d have to guess you haven’t been reading this blog very long.

  • syn

    I did not say Hollywood IS paying off Jeff. I said hollywood has tons of money TO pay him off.
    I have been reading this blog for sometime now and much of what I have read has been in defense of the entertainment industry’s right to control what the public says, thinks and feels.
    If the majority of the public does not like the way in which indecent language is being perpetuated upon us by the entertainment industry then we should at least have a say for not wanting indecent language on our public airwaves.
    Instead, I am being told that my right to free speech is being oppressed by the FCC and the White House.
    No, we the public do not have the right to freedom of speech because the entertainment industry is in control of this issue. They are telling us it is THEIR right to freedom of speech. The public, on the other hand, is simply told that we have the right to change the channel. To what, I ask?

  • syn brings up a good point. But his grasping about for answers and confusion is understandable: our host Jeff is some weird combination of right-wing and left, probably above all more libetarian than anything. And libertarians always have to deal with a central inconsistency that’s nearly impossible to untangle: how do balance this extremist insistence on getting governments out of our hair with the vacuum that would create, which is always filled by the worst excesses of big corporate gluttony. None of us like the worst, most cartoonish examples of government regulation, but intelligent people tend to understand that without some, there is simply no such thing as democracy, because average citizens have little chance then to offset the worst excesses of the marketplace…And yes, I think Jeff’s background at TV Guide has blinded him to the worst of the entertainment industrial complex and has made him a kneejerk supporter of everything they want to offer, no matter how much it fouls up the airwaves that we all jointly own.

  • KMK

    All I can think of watching these comments Jeff, is the pie chart Instapundit had up a year ago of the hard left and hard right coming full circle. I’m beginning to equate the hate Stern crowd with the hate Bush crowd.
    14 million viewers are not entitled to Stern because of special interest groups. Now the FCC put out feelers to the soap opera viewing public who amount to 30 million. The FCC has already expressed a desire to look into cable. So movies I pay for could be pg before 10:00pm. They are in a right old fit of momentum. Their shining year after years of a comatose state of being.
    Shame on all of you. This chilling of free speech goes beyond Stern. Wait till the free speech zones start to pop up during the campaign. Maybe that’s the rock in the head it will take before you understand. Hard left, hard right what’s the difference.

  • John Anderson

    Oy, weh ist mir.
    There is a lot of stuff on the air (or wire) I don’t care for, and quite a bit I find distasteful, but if I have a real objection I write the producers or join a group that has a petition to the company. The censorship thing is getting too silly – I don’t want to go back to the days when people like Mae West and W. C. Fields had to spend days trying to come up with ways to get around, what was it, the Hays Committee? Father Coughlin? When Betty Boop was considered “racy” if not obscene, when a Disney flick (Vanishing Prairie!!!) was banned in Chicago as too sexy… OTOH, some easy and effective way to limit what comes into my home (especially to the very young) might be good.
    “The whole principle is wrong; it’s like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can’t eat steak.” – Robert A. Heinlein on censorship

  • syn

    The American public is being programed to say, think, and feel everything the almighty programmers want us to say, think and feel.
    Free speech is THEIR right not ours and the collective thought police are making sure you understand this rule.
    Entertainment indeed!

  • Trump

    We are here because millions of Americans have made it convincingly clear that they no longer will tolerate media

  • Natalie

    The world is chock full of real Ayatollahs doing lots of truly awful Ayatollah-like things.
    This nonsense is just Bush=Hitler writ small.