Denton do

Denton do
: Went to Nick Denton’s Kinja launch party in his new digs, which are the surest sign of his optimism and confidence in this blog business thing. Everyone lusted after that apartment. It even came with butlers.

Bloggers die to come out of their rabbit holes and act social and parties beat the hell out of conferences, because there’s booze, so the place was thick with people (and smoke). Daniel Radosh; Lockhart Steele; Kate Lee, agent to the blog star; Choire Sicha; Meg Hourihan; Jason Kottke; Steven Levy; Jacob Weisberg, even a couple of VCs just to keep Calacanis guessing…

Finally met Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, who, the world should know, looks not one thing like her logo. And that’s good. In fact, I’d say that she could well be The Prettiest Blogger. And I say that not to be a D.O.M. but instead as a message to TV producers (and I know that a few of the political variety do read this): Get her on the air, fools. She’s smart, witty, pretty and politically snarky and oh, how we’d die to hear somebody say something new that’s actually blunt and honest in an election season. She could/should be the first blogger to become a TV star.

: Glenn sends us to a MediaBistro interview with Wonkette herself. I used to think that he was The Prettiest Blogger. Judge for yourself.

: UPDATE: And now the Christian Science Monitor is writing about Wonkette.

: Wonkette insists she is just an April Fool’s joke.

: Pictures.