Feet to fire

Feet to fire
: Arianna Huffington writes a cross between a wet kiss and a rallying cry for blogs at Kos:

A Kerry victory will be due not only to the blogosphere’s funding efforts but to the bloggers holding Kerry’s feet to the fire. It’s bloggers who’ll have to urge Kerry not to run away from his voting record, but to embrace his liberalism — and define it as the foundation of the values that led to this country’s great social breakthroughs. …

The blogosphere is now the most vital news source in our country. I’ve toiled in the world of books and syndicated column writing, but more liberating is the blogosphere, where the random thought is honored, and where passion reigns. While paid journalists often just follow a candidate around or sit in the White House press room and rehash a schedule, blogs break through the din of our 500 channel universe and the narrow conventional wisdom. For that the blogosphere has my undying gratitude.

Oh, I agree about keeping his feet to the fire.

We need to keep his feet to the fire on the war on terrorism.