Hyperlocal day at Northwestern

Hyperlocal day at Northwestern
: I’m going to be at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism (my, ahem, alma mater) to begin a project with Rich Gordon’s management students to investigate the potential of hyperlocal content in towns.

I’d love to have your ideas.

The hope is that the students will go into a pilot town and find that there is untold wealth of local information that can be brought together to serve a community: content of, by, and for the people.

You know I’m already working to start hyperlocal blogs. But we need much more. We need to encourage more people to blog on their own or on our sites (we just held MeetUps in two towns to start spreading seeds); we want to see more viewpoints and more information from more communities. We need to gather local government information from meetings and officials. We need to see what school information is out there. We hope to get video that’s already being shot of meetings and sporting events. What information can be scraped and blogged and linked to?

Any ideas? What’s happening in your town? What sources of useful local information can you name? What information do you want?