The Daily Stern

The Daily Stern

: AGAIN: The NY Post reports that another FCC fine against Stern is coming.

: KORN: Stern is in a remix of Korn‘s anti-Clear-Channel Y’All Want a Single.

: F-WORD EN ESPANOL: A letter to the editor in today NY Daily News:

Can anyone explain how the Federal Communications Commission is after Howard Stern instead of Luis Jimenez and Moonshadow Broussard, the hosts of “El Vacil

  • sol

    But, you know… I don’t know… Stern’s become Al Franken-plus-fa*t sounds. Difficult to really give a cr** that he’s being ‘messed with’. He didn’t start his anti-W. rants until after he heard he’d be fined. So that just isn’t a part of anything. (Excuse me, has this been pointed out before…?) As I was saying…

  • Mike

    Has Stern said that this is going to be his last day today yet? You know since the FCC is going to fine him millions and he has been saying for three weeks that he is going to be kicked off the air, when he knows that’s not the case.
    And I’m sure this fine originated from the religious-right circle that runs the Bush administration. And if we don’t take out Bush this November will be living under Taliban-like rule. BLAH…BLAH…BLAH.

  • Many of us right-wingers conspirators are pulling for Howard.
    Not because we like him (he is an idiot, after all), but because he’s right.
    The FCC can kiss all of our collective asses.

  • shark

    Listening to Stern railing against conservative media bias is laughable.
    He makes it very hard to care if his rights are really being violated.
    So I do not care any longer.
    Let it rain down upon him….

  • As far as cursing in other languages goes, the short-lived Fox scifi show ‘Firefly’ had some of the most foul language ever, albeit in Mandarin Chinese. I think my favorite was the 20-something-syllable burst that translated to, “F— everyone in the universe to death”.

  • AndyB

    >>He didn’t start his anti-W. rants until after he heard he’d be fined.
    Then you obviously are not a regular listener. He has blasted Bush on several issues before (during the previous election, how he bankrupt companies, his drug/drinking past, abortion, the new immigration work policy, spending money on mars, etc.) and turned against Bush as President just weeks before ANY of this recent fcc/congress stuff started.
    The only difference is that he nows rants about him every day.

  • AndyB

    How do I know? I used to like Bush and I thought Stern was unfairingly maligning him on occasions (still does).
    The difference is that this issue is important to me and I will vote against anyone in favor of these new fines (president or congress). And if the new people put in don’t improve the situation, then I will write to & vote against them as well. I agree that the dems are as just as bad as the repubs on this one, which is why I will try to vote for someone who agrees with me, or if that is not possible, with someone new.

  • sol

    AndyB, you’re just wrong (or dishonest). This is another example of the left’s Big Lie tactic. The only tactic they have left due to the exposed bankrupt nature of their totalitarian, police-state ideology.
    Stern was pro-Bush (the war on terror transcended all other issues for Stern) and very vocal about it just prior to his learning that the FCC was going to fine his show – and, big point – fine individual on-air employees rather than just their companies. He turned on a dime and positioned himself as anti-Bush so he could present himself as a victim for his ‘political speech’ rather than for having his cast put their toes into the vaginas of girls on air or making people each sandwiches with pubic hair in them, or the endless fa*t sounds that accompany everything he says. Stern knows that when people hear what he actually does on air it exposes him as the old creep that he’s always been (even when he was 30 he was an old creep due to his frozen 14-year-old mentality).

  • AST

    The FCC will respond to obscenities on Spanish-speaking stations when Spanish-speaking audiences complain loud enough.