Can you be as boring as Kottke?

Can you be as boring as Kottke?
: There’s a new contest memeing its away around blogs: Can you put up a post as boring as Kottke’s latest?

The opening bid from Jason: A post about his building’s doormat.

To which Rob replies: “All blog entries have now apparently been used up.” And he sees that bid and raises it with a post about his new colander.

Never one to be outdone, Michele ups the betting with a post about garbage bags.

Well, I hate to be left out of this game, so lemme tell you about my office:

I hadn’t cleaned my office in at least five years. So I had a guy from the building bring up a dumpster and I filled it with with whiteboards that won’t erase anymore because the old ideas on them are encrusted with age; expensive brochures passed out by promising-but-now-dead companies at Internet Worlds as far away as Berlin; lawyer letters and contracts for many promising-but-now-dead companies; many promising-but-now-dead Internet magazines; and business cards for many promising-but-now-unemployed Internet executives. My office is now so empty and dusty that it looks as if I, too, am a promising-but-unemployed Internet executive. But I will bring some Pledge from home (unscented only, please) and then I will look employed and efficient again.

Your bid.