Oh, Noam

Oh, Noam
: Chomsky has a blog.

What’s amazing is not its cant — nothing amazing there — but how badly it is written.

I spoke at a demo of about 20,000 people in Vancouver, very enthusiastic and engaged, and as far as I could tell, inspired to go on. Also to audiences of several thousands, which seemed the same. The pre-war demonstrations were without historical precedent, and surely important. The anniversary demos were also without precedent, and again surely will have an impact.

Without precedent? Did you put yourself to sleep through the ’60s? Or getaloada this doozie:

There are also tactical questions. Those who prefer to ignore the real world are also undermining any hope of reaching any popular constituency. Few are likely to pay attention to someone who approaches them by saying, loud and clear: “I don’t care whether you have a slightly better chance to receive health care or to support your elderly mother; or whether there will be a physical environment in which your children might have a decent life; or a world in which children may escape destruction as a result of the violence that is inspired by the Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Cheney-etc. crowd, which could become extreme; and on, and on. Repeat: “slightly better.” That matters to sensible people, surely the great mass of people who are the potential victims. So those who prefer to ignore the real world are also saying: “please ignore me.” And they will achieve that result.

This blog should come with aspirin. [via Anil, who calls it “red meat for warbloggers”… if only there were meat there]

  • harald

    bet it’s fake!

  • weimdog

    The best part of Noam’s “blog” is the comments section of each thread –
    “Noam, Noam, Noam, you long-winded antisemite.
    You still deny the holocaust (or support those that do)?
    The terrorists hate life, love death and you give succor to their evil.
    Posted by barnyard pig at March 25, 2004 11:09 AM”
    About 90% of the comments are anti-Noam. It won’t be long before the comments are removed so if you’re so inclined, get your whacks in.

  • BigFire

    The permalinks are broken, so would be fisker will have to find another way to link to the actual document. (I believe this is the intended feature).

  • It’s kinda sad; Noam’s political whackiness (for there really is no better word for it) just overshadows his very real and very significant contributions to linguistics.

  • Perhaps most disturbing, he refers to himself in the third person:
    This blog will include brief comments on diverse topics of concern in our time. They will sometimes come from the ZNet sustainer forum system where Noam interacts through a forum of his own, sometimes from direct submissions, sometimes culled from mail and other outlets — always from Noam Chomsky.
    Hubris would never do that.

  • When I was going to grad school, I taught freshman comp at the local engineering college night school to wannabe engineers. That excerpt was about the average level of composition skill for my students.
    My prediction: The Great Chomsky will be offline soon.

  • John Anderson

    He may continue adding to his blog, but how long before comments are turned off is a question.
    I wonder how many of his political followers are such because they assume if they can’t understand what is written by a linguistics specialist it must be erudite and true?
    ‘…the Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Cheney-etc. crowd’ is, as NC knows, the first group ever to advocate struggling for what it believes in or responding to violence with violence. Brand new idea, that. Never been done before, in all of history and pre-history.

  • John Anderson, again

    OOPS – I stand (well, sit) corrected: just clicked to it – no comments!!!!

  • The comments were useless. It was “instant trolling”. Everything from baiters to crapflooders. If you wanted a demonstration of the problems of assuming everyone has something worthwhile to say, that was a doozy.

  • bob

    Not only did he turn off his comments, but the archives links are broken: ttt and archives are reversed in the urls.
    Looks like he codes about as well as he writes.

  • I suppose this explains why many of “his” books are edited compellations of interview transcriptions and class material, rather than material written directly by him. He’s one of those people who needs an editor. In the worst way.

  • firebrand

    hahaha, amazing. the comments section of the site was removed, once again showing chomsky has no tolerance for anyone else’s opinions but those that agree with his own. left-wing repression of free speech, BAR NONE.