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The Daily Stern

: PROFANE: Ernie Miller digs into the FCC’s f-word decision again and, dig as he might, he still can’t find good law, good definitions, good guidance, or good sense:

The FCC’s new “profane” language doctrine is a mess just waiting to be challenged. The opportunity to embarrass the FCC is there. Which broadcast personality will accept the challenge?

: OFF WITH HIS FINGER: Drudge makes a big deal of American Idol judge Simon Cowell scratching his face with his no-no finger and Fox producers going through talmudic torture over whether this was a gesture or a scratch and whether this should have aired or not in this, the day of boobaphobia.

Is the F-finger the same as the F-word to the FCC?

How much more ludicrious can this get?

  • Mike

    Jeff, you answered Ernie Miller’s question yesterday. It would seem the Mancow is going to be the first to bring it up in court. Maybe not against the FCC, but they will be included. And it certainly won’t be Stern. He’s been whining for weeks how he is just going to leave the airwaves once it is signed into law.

  • button

    In case you don’t remember, Lenny Bruce was prosecuted once for using Yiddish dirty words, even though the vast majority of Americans don’t know Yiddish. It was a very famous incident. [And I blogged it recently to remind the lawyers about it.]

  • Trump

    I certainly hope Clear Channel doesn’t pay Stern the money on his contract. I also hope Stern gets thrown off the air. NO POLITICAL AND ANTI-RELIGIOUS HATE SPEECH ON MY PUBLIC AIRWAVES!!!
    But Jeff, I took your advice….I e-mailed BOTH my Senators and let them know that if they didn’t vote for the proposed legislation, I will not vote for them.
    I also forwarded my support to the FCC, as well as a couple of complaints for Sterns political hate speech yesterday. I hope they act on it…
    Democracy in action. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Mike

    Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself basically agreeing with you when it comes to Stern’s motivation for his whines and rants about the Bush administration. But you have gone off the deep end with your reasoning lately.
    You can’t start spouting off about having no political hate speech, anti-religious speech, or those folks getting equal air-time on Stern’s show. that is ridiculous. Equal time is basically the same sort of argument democratic politicians were trying to use to get more conservative leaning talk radio hosts off the air during the last election cycle. And one’s political hate speech is another’s motivational speech. Your argument is as blind as Jeff always defending Stern.
    My basic point is that Stern should not be the poster boy for this fight. With Stern its all about him, not about us.

  • f-pose

    Lovely photo on Drudge Report showing Simon Crowell of American Idol “resting his head on his middle finger.”
    Maybe Simon will accept the challenge.

  • daudder

    we don’t need the fcc anymore; “trump” has assumed ownership of the public airways! can the though police be far behind (or are they in front?)

  • Superfly

    I am sure it was just a finger malfunction.

  • Tim

    I still like Stern, but I’m unimpressed with his sudden anti-Bush tirades. Today I heard him going off on his supposed failures pre-9/11 …. which stands in sharp contrast to the Bush boosterism he engaged in last year and before.
    It just makes me think he is totally self-seeking and cynical. He suddenly gets smacked by the FCC and the guy he was rooting for goes from angel to devil instantly, in every way… shame…

  • Alvin

    Trump, You’re a disgrace to the Trump name.

  • I have no doubt that Cowell was merely resting his head (which had to have been throbbing: last night was “country night”) on his finger. He shifted between the index and the middle during his comments. This “controversy” is simply ridiculous.
    Simon “you look like your mother dressed you” Cowell, doesn’t do subtle.
    If Cowell were to flip the bird every time he had a heated exchange with Paula, his middle finger would be permanently stapled to his right cheek.

  • Trump

    Not my fault Alvin, Stern has chosen to make me a vocal IRATE opponent of him. Before I was on the side of the issue against Stern, but for many more academic (or at least calmer) reasons.
    But I’m just furious with his rhetoric. Nobody who compares religious people or republicans to Nazis gets a pass from me. As a Jew, I find him comparing anyone to the Nazis horribly offensive. Similarly, I find him using comparisons to Taliban, Hamas amazingly offensive. And I find his Michael Moore/Al Franken/ rhetoric offensive in it’s ignorance.
    So I no longer listen (hard to change habits after a decade plus but I have no choice). And since the great free speech defender Stern wants us to speak out, so I have been. Not just here amongst you good people, but more importantly- to the FCC and my 2 Senators to register my support for their actions against Stern.
    Sorry, but you DON’T compare me to Hitler. So now it’s a personal matter, and if I can be a small factor in driving him from the air in disgrace as “obscene” then so be it. I didn’t pick the fight, but I surely have no problems playing along either.
    Anti-Religious and political hate speech doesn’t get a free pass. If I can help in damaging him, I will.
    Don’t walk over the little people, because they’ll stab your feet and make you bleed.

  • CarnivoreX

    Shit and fuck, ya fuckin’ shit. Suck my cock you fuckin’ cocksucker. Now, ain’t I oh so fucking clever. Such a clever little boy. Words I giggled over when I was 7. SEVEN.
    God, I’m tired of this already… Any creativity out there anymore? This is SO tiresome. Move on. GOT IT, JEFF?
    [BTW – Stern’s day has long since passed.]
    [p.s. Loved the idea of the “though”(sic) police, daudder.]

  • Reid

    I suspect the Simon brouhaha may be a purposeful publicity stunt. It’s part of his schtick.

  • Raj

    Remember Simon is British.
    In the UK the gesture is the V symbol (reverse churchill).
    Therefore I’m fairly sure it was not intentional.

  • Trump needs to relax. Sounds like a type who love to be the contrarion. Always the person standing by themselves at the party an hour in.
    Of course its all about stern, he is the selfserving everyperson that we all relate with. If you know stern AT ALL you know he is difficult to pin down politicaly and easy to catch in the obvious traps that come from talking for 5 hours a day. Bully for those of you who catch the “contradictions.”
    Think stern is a clown or a king but if you think that the controlling powers arent close to goosesteps and thought police and other imagery that Trump claims is off limits than let you be the first hauled off.
    Chris Larry

  • Walter Wallis

    And how about those scoflaws who are flipping us off on the radio where we don’t even know it. Get them all, I say.