RSS, the history

RSS, the history
: Jason Calacanis found a decent summary of the history of RSS from Microsoft. I have no idea whether it’s politically correct in the RSS/Atom world (and don’t much care); I found it useful (but only since I’m working on implementing more RSS).

  • How do you feel about putting the full-text of posts into RSS feeds?
    It doesn’t make much sense for commercial sites looking for ad-views, but I kind of like it for blogs with a lot of content. There are quite a few full-text RSS feeds whose host blog I don’t visit with a browser anymore, unless I want to leave a comment. It does change a site’s dynamic, but is it better or worse?

  • I’m all for full posts for blogs, and even the option of full posts with comments (easy to do in Moveable Type) because there’s some sites I really want to follow the discussion on, others I just want to read the inital posts. I read offline a lot and this is super helpful.

  • “How do you feel about putting the full-text of posts into RSS feeds?”
    Why not call it something else, then? XML feeds can be used in lots of ways.
    (Email got messed-over eight years ago when marketing folks said “I need fancy font colors” and engineering weenies said “Hey let’s put scripting in too” and what-all… constructing an XML version of full-text articles is useful, but why must it also be called “RSS”, particularly when it risks breaking the original purpose of quick notifications of site changes…?)
    (Jeff, for “politically correct”, probably not, somebody always finds something to complain about, eh…?)