Olympic terror fears

Olympic terror fears
: The head of the British Olympic effort is threatening to pull out unless security for athletes is guaranteed in the face of terror fears.

The Scotsman says there is “private speculation” that America will pull out, too.

: Meanwhile, the Observer reports that athletes are getting 24-hour guards.

  • Sandy P.

    And they say Atlanta was a disaster. 5 months to go and the Greeks hoped the new pres/PM would push them along.
    If we’re there, it’ll be ugly. At least we won’t have to ask this time “why they hate US.”
    We know the “root causes.”
    Go for the Gold, athletes, you have nothing to lose.

  • Joe Peden

    We ain’t pulling out.

  • Otter

    I was in Edinburgh during the anthrax episode, trying desperately to get some real information out of the garbage pile that is the British press. The Scotsman seems even more hallucinatory than the rest of them.
    It genuinely amazes me that the British consider themselves well-informed — there seem to be 15 different, mutually exclusive packs of lies published there.

  • onecent

    Sandy and Joe, remembering the Munich Olympics……….
    …..and how badly the Germans bungled it, I think we really should think hard about presenting ourselves as targets there. Can the Greeks do any better? My bet, after a few bombs go off in Athens in the months to come, we’ll see the Spanish syndrome repeat and the Games cancelled.

  • I hardly think anyone will pull out…