The Daily Stern

The Daily Stern

: PORNOGRAPHER OPRAH: This morning, Stern tried to play a clip from the Oprah show yesterday in which they were doing exactly what Stern was fined for yesterday: defining sexual colloquialisms. Oprah defined “tossing your salad,” Howard defined “David Copperfield.” Oprah played it on her show. Jimmy Kimmel played the clip on his network show to make the point. But Stern’s button-pushers hit the delay button when he tried to play it. Howard begged to play it: Let them fine Oprah as a pornographer. But they won’t fine Oprah. They only want to fine Stern. Same statement, different mouths, different treatment.

I just bought the transcript of the Oprah show and here is what was said yesterday:

WINFREY: OK–so–OK, so what is a salad toss?

Ms. BURFORD: OK, a tossed salad is–get ready; hold on to your underwear for this one–oral anal sex. So oral sex to the anus is what tossed salad is.

Hi, Mom.

That is exactly the kind of statement for which Stern was fined yesterday. Exactly. Here‘s the Stern transcript. And I quote:

HS: Well, a blumpkin is receiving oral sex while you