Semitic chic

Semitic chic
: Headline of the week from the the Best Week Ever blog:

Haven’t the Jews Suffered Enough?

Guy Richie and Madonna are scouting locations in Israel for a “God-inspired” film based on the teachings of Kabbalah.

Oy, but the suffering never ends. From Jewsweek’s Yadayadablog:

In a radio interview with WABC’s Sean Hannity, director Mel Gibson said he wants to make a movie about the story of Chanukah. “The story that’s always fired my imagination … is the Book of Maccabees,” Gibson said. “The Maccabees family stood up, and they made war, they stuck by their guns, and they came out winning. It’s like a Western.” When Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti Defamation League and a virulent opponent of Gisbon, heard the news, he quipped: “My answer would be ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ The last thing we need in Jewish history is to convert our history into a Western. In his hands we may wind up losing,” he joked.