Semitic chic

Semitic chic
: Headline of the week from the the Best Week Ever blog:

Haven’t the Jews Suffered Enough?

Guy Richie and Madonna are scouting locations in Israel for a “God-inspired” film based on the teachings of Kabbalah.

Oy, but the suffering never ends. From Jewsweek’s Yadayadablog:

In a radio interview with WABC’s Sean Hannity, director Mel Gibson said he wants to make a movie about the story of Chanukah. “The story that’s always fired my imagination … is the Book of Maccabees,” Gibson said. “The Maccabees family stood up, and they made war, they stuck by their guns, and they came out winning. It’s like a Western.” When Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti Defamation League and a virulent opponent of Gisbon, heard the news, he quipped: “My answer would be ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ The last thing we need in Jewish history is to convert our history into a Western. In his hands we may wind up losing,” he joked.


    wow this is worthy of Mel Brooks !
    I can see the script and story already.
    Ageing film star and fervent oman Catholic is sitting at home in his own confessional.
    Jewish accountant from marks and Marks knocks on door which is ajar.
    “Hello anyone there” Silence ” Hello, I’m the new accountant come to do your books. I’m coming in. you are not alone! ”
    Ageing actor director emerges .” there’s nothing in the books i just lost all my money in a movie about jesus ? ”
    Oyv’ i.m sorry to hear that, maybe you should have chosen a subject about jewish History ?
    I can help you with that.”
    ” Can you ? here take a seat Mr Marks . mAY I TAKE YOUR COAT ? ”

  • andy obuoforibo

    The cynic in me realises fully the “PRness” of this Maccabees idea (what better way to prove you are not anti-semitic?). However, you have to admit that IS a film one can see Gibson making. It’s similar in spirit to Braveheart or the Patriot. I just read it again because of all this. Now I’m WISHING he makes it.