Iraqi blogs a year later: Bugged

Iraqi blogs a year later: Bugged
: Zeyad isn’t writing about the anniversary of the war. He’s writing about the heat in Basrah:

Which brings us to the topic of mosquitos/fleas/bugs. Those adorable flying creatures. I remember once asking my parents when I was a bit young and innocent, something like “Why did God create bugs?”. Unfortunately nobody then had pointed me to the infamous book authored by Khairallah Talfah (Saddam’s uncle) titled ‘Three things God should not have created: Jews, Kurds, and mosquitos’.

Anyway, the last four nights have been terrible thanks to those restless godawful vampires.

: Zeyad also points us to an article by a member of the Baghdad municipal council telling us that we — U.S. media and authorities — are giving too much weight to the words of Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani.

: Ays is writing about the anniversary of the war:

For all those who say that the war on Iraq was wrong and G.W.Bush or T.Blair depended on wrong information and their intelligence agencies were misled cause it depended on faulty sources regarding WMD …

Just tell me what

  • MK

    Gee, I really hope Zeyad meant to say “Fortunately”.
    Mosquitos are one thing, Jews and Kurds another…

  • Zeyad was being ironic. He was raised in Britain. They write with irony all the time (and get in trouble for it some of the time). No, Zeyad is by no means endorsing the book, just to be absolutely clear.

  • Joe Peden

    We all ask, “Is anybody listening?”, the most important being addressed to ourselves. Now, we are allegedly alone in the Universe. But the Universe has created us. Therefore, the Universe has talked to us. Is anybody listening?