We can only hope

We can only hope
: Command Post emails an alert that Pakistani troops have surrounded a “high-value target.” FoxNews and the AP say it’s the No. 2 man.

  • PJ

    Which shows Pakistan knows where he is and always has. Get tough, GWB!

  • James Stephenson

    How can that be, according to the Left’s talking point, the whole military is focused on Iraq and everything else is back burner.
    Of course, maybe they do not understand dual processing.

  • No, according to the Left’s talking point, the whole military was focused on Iraq for a year and is just now getting back to terrorism.

  • There’s something else that’s new recently that wasn’t true a year ago, and it has nothing to do with Iraq: two Al Qaeda assassination attempts on Musharaf in the past few months.
    The man’s motivated now in ways he wasn’t before. And then there’s the significant likelihood these stepped up efforts by Pakistan are also part of some deal over Khan and nuclear black market he was running. The Bush administration sure didn’t have a lot of harsh words over that issue. They may have decided to use the ugly situation to get this level of cooperation, which they could not before.
    Of course, when this standoff is over, we may find it was just a bunch of guys protecting a still from the “revenoors.”

  • We’ve got the story covered. Lots of news happening over in Pakistan.

  • Ebb Tide

    Until I see someone getting a “dental exam” I’m not getting excited. But I am interested!