Celebrity blogging

Celebrity blogging
: Mark Cuban starts blogging and Dan Gillmor shoots him five questions, which Cuban promptly answers. It’s two-way, man, it’s two-way.

  • Jeff Jarvis blogs, Robert McClelland shoots him questions, Jeff ignores them. It’s all about the ego trip man.

  • Robert, if I tried to respond to all your comments, I wouldn’t have time to work and eat. Do you?
    I enter into the conversations I choose to enter.
    You will remember, Robert, that you had quite a festival screaming that I couldn’t be liberal and you demanded that I answer all your personal litmus tests. I didn’t bother. But what I said about issues spoke in due time. I’ll talk about what I want to talk about and so can you. I don’t answer to you or you to me.

  • Dan Herzlich

    Q: What else should I have asked you about the new world of communications?
    A: It’s not a new world. We all have been able to create our own websites for years. This is just a content management system, verticalized for diary entries. That diary-like format has caught the attention of the voyeur in all of us. Whether or not it’s a long term impact, I have no idea.
    Notice here how Dan’s tries to pimp out his “new world of communications” smarm.
    I love how Mark throws it right back at him. Beautiful.
    DH – New media, new economy, new age–all got old pretty damn fast.

  • Mark Cuban is easily the most accessible billionaire in history.

  • Gilmore shoulda asked him why with all that money he didnt get anyone who could play defense.
    Lakerzzzzzz Baybeeeeee!

  • John

    A play-by-play blog by Cubin of last night’s Mavs-Hawks game at the AAC would have probably been a classic study in manic-depressiveness…

  • hen

    bobby the mental midget: love me daddy, i mean Jeff, love me!!!
    ugh pathetic.
    cubin is a dick. his team will NEVER win the NBA championship with him at the helm.