Coming home to roost

Coming home to roost
: French President Jacques Chirac, meeting with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, says that “all democracies are in danger of possible terrorist attack.”

Welcome to the real world, Jacques. [via the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, auf Deutsch]

: London’s police chief says a terrorist attack on the city is “inevitable.”

Sir John agreed with Mr Livingstone, who said: “It would be miraculous if, with all the terrorist resources arranged against us, terrorists did not get through, and given that some are prepared to give their own lives, it would be inconceivable that someone does not get through to London.” …

“This is not just about the railways, the underground,” he said. “It’s about buses, roads, pubs, nightclubs and the like. Remember al-Qaida attacked a nightclub in Bali.”

: Meanwhile, in Germany, liberals are pushing to create a National Guard to protect against terrorist attacks. [via Bild, auf Deutsch]

: At the same time, Bild lists the most dangerous Muslims in Germany. Keep in mind that some Germans have been less than fond of Turks and other outsiders.

After Madrid, beware of ethnic attacks on Muslims (and not just Jews now) and not just in Germany.