The Daily Stern, PM edition

The Daily Stern, PM edition
: Just saw Bill Maher‘s show. He interviews Sandra Tsing Loh, the NPR commentator fired for letting the F-word go out unbleeped.

Said Maher: “How dumb is this f****** country?!?” And he didn’t bleep himself. He’s on HBO. For now, at least, he doesn’t have to bleep.

George Carlin, quoted below, droned a bit on the topic and then said: “The liberals are just as bad on ths issue as the conservates. Politically correct speech is sheer denial of free speech and their hands are not clean on this issue.” Yup.

He also said that the absurdity of doing what I’ve been doing — f**k — is that you’re allowed to know the idea that’s being conveyed even with two letters missing; the idea has been conveyed; if the idea is what’s evil then how is that better; it’s absurd. Yup.

: By the way, I also saw the return of Dennis Miller this week. Boy, has he turned into an intense, nervous guy who makes me nervous just watching him. He’s like the really geeky kind of person off his meds who stares right into your eyes too long and too intensely. Maher, on the other hand, is more comfortable than he ever was on HBO; he has found his groove. Miller has not.

: Here is a commercial — quite unsafe for work or family here in America — that is on Channel 4’s site in Britain saying the f-word and others with glee. Boy, are things different there. Maybe Howard should move there. Maybe I should, too. [via AroundMyRoom]