Blog mo

Blog mo
: Matthew Gross has gotten his personal blogging mo back, post Deanspace. He decrees today:

The First Commandment of the Blogosphere

Thou shalt not use the word snarky anymore. I mean it. You have overused it. It has grown irritating. I gave you language. Use it.



What are the other nine?

  • Who says there has to be ten?

  • There used to be fifteen, but Glenn dropped one of the tablets.
    Mess not with thine neighbor’s blog.
    Never takest thyself too seriously.
    Maintain thy permalinks.
    Backeth everything up.
    Thou shalt not steal content. Honor thy sources.
    Make not graven images without Height, Width, and Alt properties.
    Utilize thine Spike File to smitheth thine own hateful posts.
    Thou shalt not troll, nor shalt thou suffer a troll to live.
    Thou shalt not curse for cursing’s sake.
    Thou shalt warn of spoilers or material unsafe for work.
    Rob/Acidman has his own list at

  • Second Commandment of the Blogosphere
    Thou shalt not link to another blogger’s post when said blogger’s post is nothing more than a link to a news article.

  • Hipocrite

    Ahh, links to racist hatemongers. The fleas come out.

  • brett

    Thou shalt stop coining words with “blog” in them.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Does this mean the snark is a boojum?

  • Larry Mangan

    Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt waste no more time equating the suppression of free speech with the dropping of that wanker and pervert, Howard Stern, by a trivially few radio stations. Thou hast better things to do and more worthy battles to fight.

  • #5: If you are a supporter of one aspect of a candidate’s platform, you are a Nazi Fascist and must be called so repeatedly in your comment section.

  • “Thou shalt stop coining words with ‘blog’ in them.”
    Yeah, that’s really bloggravating.

  • Thou shalt cover thy neighbor’s sitemeter traffic stats.