They love us, they really love us

They love us, they really love us
: Soccer moms love the Internet, according to a study done for Disney [via Adrants]:

Eighty-four percent of mothers who use the Internet said that if they had to give up one type of media, they would miss the Internet more than any other source of information or entertainment…

Among the study’s other key findings: Moms now use the Internet almost twice as much as they watch TV, spending a total of 13.2 hours a week online versus 7.6 per week for TV. They use the Internet primarily as an information resource (86 percent placing it well ahead of TV and newspapers), secondarily as a source of entertainment (63 percent), and thirdly as an activity to engage their kids (43 percent).

The Internet outranks TV, radio, and magazines as a trusted source of information. Only newspapers were ranked higher, and then, only by 3 percent….

  • billg

    I’m not a soccer mom, but if I had to give up one particular species of commercial media, I’d give up movies first (I never go), followed by recorded music, AM radio, and TV. I’d give up Internet last, with FM radio and newspapers close behind.
    But…the Net is different. It’s a two-way participatory medium that transfers much more control to the consumer. If I had to use the Net by sitting back and flipping though a few dozen “channels” or turning through a fixed number of pages determined by the number of ads sold, I wouldn’t be so interested.

  • SD

    We’re addicts. Complete addicts…

  • Joe Peden

    Since the Soccer Moms are getting info from the internet, let’s see if they can think, too. Soccer Moms are easily led, and led astray, based upon their need to be taken care of as some kind of overriding evolutionary characteristic. I don’t have any hope for them, other than being Liberal fodder. Indeed, why are they Soccer Moms to begin with?