Wie sagt man, ‘HEH’?

Wie sagt man, ‘HEH’?
: Der Spiegel finally figured out that Germans don’t necessarily love George Bush, no matter what its online poll said.

The magazine did some reporting and discovered the David’s Medienkritik and all its readers and freeping, footballing friends, among others, went to the Spiegel “poll” and gave a boost to Bush.

Votes are a fine thing, the butter on the news bread. [Huh? -ed] They give the online media macher [note translator’s ironic license with Yiddish -ed] feedback about how readers see things. Almost 60 percent of Spiegel Online readers saw George W. Bush as a top President, for example. We know why.

Because Germans are coming to their senses about Iraq? Because Spiegel readers are right-wing? No… Because the Internet has a sense of humor (even if Der Spiegel does not). Heh.

  • BigFire

    Reminded me of a fairly large Internet poll about the most important man in the 20th Century. And a better than the rest organized campaign elected Mustafa Kemal Atat

  • Harald

    I think, Jeff, you fail in qualifying the German’s attitude towards G.W. Bush, if you draw your conclusions from an online poll.

  • I don’t see the fuss. It is such a clear case of poll manipulation!

  • No

    My German’s pretty good…here’s my translation: “We at Speigel only believe in polls that we can manipulate to get the desired result. All other polls numbers contrary to our views have been manipulated by the wrong people.”

  • Michael Hall

    That Spiegel actually wrote an article about the results at all is pretty funny. They just had to explain it, lest any misguided souls believe Germans support Bush.