Taking blogging personally

Taking blogging personally
: My colleague Joe Territo gets and loves weblogs. He loves them so much, he has tried to create them four times (here he recounts his blogging archeology). The last time he gave it up, he made me promise to stop him before he blogged again. I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t, for the fourth time is the charm. And Joe tells me he has learned something with this latest one: It works when it gets personal. He blogged about the news before and intended to do that again. But last night, he wrote a wonderful and quite personal post on Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. This is the Joe I know; it’s a post that has his voice and heart; I know he has found his blogging groove.

  • No

    Kidding, right? Yccch…the ugliest site I’ve ever seen. Ever! Black on Black? Open blocks without text all over the page. Oh, and the content? Move on folks…nothing happening here that you can’t read more viciously stated by Dowd and Rich.

  • Well aren’t you a nice guy? If you’re so unhappy here, why don’t you just leave. Please. Or be nice.

  • The site design looks fine to me. I’m using Mozilla Foxfire, maybe that’s why? As for the content — well, anything is better than yet another (s)news blogger.

  • Thanks, Andrea.
    The very bleh design is just a placeholder. I plan to make it more user/browser friendly soon.