So much for restraint

So much for restraint
: At ETech, Scoble was vowing to try sticking to seven posts a day. Yesterday — a weekend day, no less — he had 26. That’s good news.

: UPDATE: Scoble confesses: “Yeah, I fell off the wagon. Help, I’m addicted to blogging, and can’t get off!”

Hi, My name is Jeff.

Hi, Jeff!

I’m a blogaholic.

  • I gave up. There’s too much interesting stuff to link to and talk about.

  • Rick

    Gee, it’s a “good thing” everybody doesn’t give up. Can you imagine if it was commonplace to shoot off 30 or 50 posts a day? Would you want to subscribe to 30 or 50 (or 500) blogs if that was the case? If your friend sent you 50 emails a day, would he still be your friend? If whatever has to be said can’t be said in less than 10 posts a day, then something’s wrong.

  • Rick, I watch 1347 blogs per day. Posting 50 things from those actually requires restraint. Come on, keep up! I read thousands of posts today. What’s 50 between friends?

  • You “watch” them? What do these blogs do, hold stripteases? All the blogs on my list I have to read. I want my Blog TV!*
    *I think Jeff coined that. If not, it sounds like a Jeffism, so he can have it free of charge! Think of it as payment for all my snark.

  • Very funny Andrea!
    Some of these blogs remind me of TV, actually. FoxTV, to be precise. Heh.

  • They have NASCAR?