El Bush

El Bush
: Alaa, the Iraqi blogger, talks about Bush:

Some time ago one friend commented something about my being anti-Bush!! And It has been in the back of mind ever since to say something about this. Me, anti-Bush!!!

Regardless of any election campaign, this man has already established himself in our hearts and minds, and forever. And it is one of my cherished dreams that one day his statue will stand in the middle of Baghdad and that all the people realize finally and unequivocally the friendship that this president of America had for them and the great favor that he has done them.

We sure wish that he be re-elected to complete the great work that he started. The job does not need any new experimenting and trial and error. But of course this is not for us to decide and we have to wait for the decision of the American people.

Nevertheless, and for my self I wish to send my heartfelt best wishes to my favorite American, El Bush, the Liberator, the Avenger.

I like the idea of that statue in Firdaus Square.

  • Jeff B.

    Nevertheless, you’ll still be voting Kerry in November, of course.
    (okay, that was sort of a cheap shot.)

  • button

    Yeah, the statue sounds like a nice idea.
    But pardon me while I rant for a minute. Boy did I get ticked off tonight. Chalabi was supposed to be on ’60 Minutes.’ When he came on, I got interrupted by the fellow who was delivering some groceries to me before it snows. But even with the interruption, I saw enough of that segment to really get under my skin.
    What exactly was this guy’s terrible sin, huh? He wanted to free his country and people from a creep who was slicing their ears off, gassing them, torturing and murdering them. And this is such a terrible SIN? This wish makes Chalabi a BAD man???
    I think somebody had been spinning this woman’s moral compass to harass Chalabi, seemingly on this lame and apalling premise./rant.

  • kkl

    You heard it here first, I’m giving up Heinz ketchup in solidarity with my Iraqi brethren. Hunt’s it is.

  • Sortelli

    Whoa there, that Iraqi has ovbiously been indoctrinated by the wright-ringers.

  • dcreeper

    you tease!
    Jeff if yer gunna talk about other people’s blogs… throw up a link man! I got all curious about Alaa’s blog buh no link… :'(
    I feel incomplete

  • hen

    yes but what does he think of stern?

  • Let’s see. Articulate Iraqi blogger prefers GW, while North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong II has made it know he prefers Kerry. Oh, and don’t forget, according to the UK’s leftist Independent “If the human race as a whole, rather than 50 states plus the District of Colombia, could cast a ballot this coming November, John Kerry would surely win the presidency by a landslide.” It looks like we’re in good company.

  • Mustapha

    Just as Afghanistan had its puppets (Najibullah, anyone?) who supported the Soviets, so Iraq has its. Right-wing imperialist bloggers may do their best to promote the Iraqi blogs that support their colonial ambitions, but the fact is that things are now coming to a boil all over the Muslim world and you people will reap the deadly crop you have sown.
    Muslim boots in the streets of America! What will the hypocrites say then, when the situation is reversed?
    You think it inconceivable? Literally ONE charismatic and non-evil leader in the Arab world would shatter your whole world overnight.

  • Mustapha:
    “Muslim boots in the streets of America?” The Saudi woman from my street has ’em. They’ve got 3″ stiletto heels, and she wears them to work at the business she started after she divorced her husband.
    Heh. No wonder you guys are afraid.

  • *

    Read this to understand why some don’t think Chalabi a big hero:

  • Mustapha

    Glenn: unlike your culture we don’t have an indigenous man/woman conflict, nor a black/white one. You might succeed in projecting your own cultural tussles onto a few gullible others, but a Saudi woman in America doesn’t by any means constitute the majority of the Islamic world.
    You fear your women because of your oppression of them (pornography, 50% divorce rate, domestic violence) but we live in peace in our households

  • Mustapha-
    If peace is defined as a condition where it is considered preferable to let teenage girls die in a burning building rather that to let them be seen in public without a burka , then you can have this “peace”.
    If peace is defined as the ability of a young woman’s father and brother to murder her for not dressing/dating/acting in accord with their wishes, then you can have this “peace” as well.

  • Mustapha

    Dann: the logical analogy to your statements is to say that since Britney Spears wears little clothing in her public performances, Glenn Reynolds’ wife is a slut.
    Extrapolating from the actions of extreme elements from the very home of Wahhabism and then assuming this applies to Muslims and Islam just shows your utter ignorance. Quick: what was the age difference between the Prophet and his first wife? Did you say 15 years–she being older? Quick: how many centuries before the US did Islam give women the absolute right to their own property, regardless of marital status? Quick: what is the fastest growing religion in America among white women converts?
    Take your ignorant views based on a few pundits’ rantings and shove it into your colonial butt. Or go read a book or two written by Muslims about their religion.
    We’re coming to get you. And I don’t mean in a crazy, sinful, futile, desperate, planes-into-buildings way. I mean your civilization is on its way out. Bone up on Arabic buddy, it’ll give you a head-start in fitting in. Don’t assume that the few hand-picked cases the right-wing bloggers hold for oohh’ing and ahh’ing represent anything other a numerically insignificant anomaly. If you do, you’ll just be blindsided like the Russians.

  • hen

    mustapha – you are joking right? how big is the book that you use to beat your wife? our civilization is on its way out? oh ok. since YOURS has not progressed past the 14th century i figure that gives us another 600 yrs or so before we start to stagnate. by then you and your ilk will long be gone, swallowed up by modernity, democracy and the ideals that WE articulated over 200 yrs ago.
    oh and you say the Russians, when you meant the Soviets – another failed society that promised to bury us – YAWN.

  • Doctor Slack

    Mustapha: I cordially suggest you read this.
    Sissy Willis: Good to know you equate the human race as a whole with Kim Jong Il. I do hope you and your ilk do try the “Kerry is a traitor loved by the Evil Left” tack. I really hope so.
    As far as statues of Bush in Firdaus Square go, ehhh, I hope George isn’t holding his breath.

  • Mustapha

    Hen: ideals like killing the most people in history in your wars? 50 MILLION dead in WWII, 9 million in WW I? 6 MILLION Jews killed? I rejoice to hear how many of your own you “civilized” people have killed, but I’m afraid you’re right that this level of “modernity” just isn’t suitable for us.
    And speaking of democracy, let’s have it! In Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan. The governments that will come to power will physically eliminate Israel overnight and the devastating poverty unleashed by the collapse of your oil-slicked economies will bring you to a subsistence economy within months.

  • Ann

    Mustapha…The US has enough oil reserves and untapped resources and allies to make the transition to a non-oil dependant economy. Furthermore, the price of oil has always been pegged just below the price of alternative energy sources. I used to work at a huge power company decades ago during the first energy crisis and I can tell you that there are many ways to get energy independant. Furthermore, as China increases demand, the world in the next twenty years will be preparing for this eventuality anyway.
    Get over your hate. It will destroy you. Start to build and grow and learn from other cultures as we will. Learn that life is not a zero-sum game where one country loses and another wins. Learn that a good deal is when both parties or peoples in a relationship win. Learn. Learn. Learn. Grow grow grow.

  • Mustapha sounds too good to be true. I think he’s some American college sophomore who’s having a little fun with you guys.

  • Definitely a troll. But I like the sound of “Right-Wing Imperialist Bloggers.” I do!

  • Mustapha-
    Talk about making rhetorical leaps and gross assumptions.
    I have no colonial aspirations. I would prefer that our military stay at home and to live in peace with other nations. That option was removed FOR us, not BY us.
    I’ll not claim to be an expert on all things Arab or Muslim. But I have more experience than I expect you’ll be willing to give. The kids I went to school with whose families didn’t want to live under various Middle Eastern despots. The proud and valiant men I served with when we defended the Muslims of Kuwait from Saddam Hussein the first time around. The good people of Dearborn, MI whom I have met from time to time.
    My conclusion is that culture and religion aside, most people are decent hard working people. They want to be left alone to pursue a respectable life. Something that is difficult to do when various despots and the occasional Mullah are bent on demanding proof of subservience at every turn.
    Might I suggest that YOU go read a book or two on history rather than religion. You might be reminded that it once was the Arabs and Persians that represented enlightened thinking. That such people once saved the world by becoming a depository for the accumulated knowledge of the Mediterranean nations and then advanced that knowledge through research and an open questioning of the nature of our world while Europe reveled in violence, poverty, and ignorance.
    Then you might learn how that relationship slowly reversed as the Middle East came under the sway of theocrats that eschewed knowledge and progress in favor of ‘faith’. Meanwhile the West was busy discovering the benefits of discovery; which led to progress and greater liberty.
    America is not perfect. Nor are we invulnerable. History has many years yet to come and it would be arrogant to assume that we will always enjoy what we have today.
    But I am willing to bet that all of the Muslim world does not share your point of view. And I am willing to bet that as long as America is the most free nation on the face of the planet, it will be quite hard to topple her. Liberty, the pursuit of knowledge, and progress are better tools of war AND peace than ignorance and blind faith ever will be.
    p.s. Andrea is probably right.

  • hen

    WWI and WWII were “our” wars? no afraid not – they were European wars, you know the Euros, those guys that support and sponsor people that you support (hamas, hezb’Allah, etc); we merely ENDED the wars and in doing so forced democracy on the enemies (Germany, Japan) and turned their economic system around.
    oh and if you think for a second that a democratized Middle East spells the end for Israel, think again – like it or not Israel is a permanent oasis in the sh1thole known as the ME and if anything a Democratic ME wd embrace what Israel has to offer.
    but you never answered my question: how big is the book you use to beat your wife? is it OK to use the Koran?