Democracy delayed

Democracy delayed
: Zeyad writes about the rumors and frustration surrounding Sisanti’s delaying of the signing of the Iraqi interim constitution.

I hope Iraqis can now see clearly through some of the pretentious GC members, members that have made it clear that they show allegiance and loyalty to their respective sects and ethnicities (or in a couple of cases to neighbouring countries) over Iraq. And that when the time comes for voting in ballot boxes those members will be ruled out. I have faith in the insight and wisdom of Iraqis. They will never allow another despot to take over their lives and futures. Never again.

  • It’s clear that Zeyad has been indoctrinated by the right whingers. Otherwise he would see that Sistani is only looking out for Iraq’s interests.

  • I agree with Zeyad that the Governing Council is filled with pretentious hacks who are scheming to prolong their own influence.
    So, why is the U.S. planning to hand over full sovereignty to these clowns on July 1st?

  • I wrote an in-depth commentary on my weblog that discusses the Iraqi interim consitution and predicts some of the problems…take a look at:

  • Eric

    Indoctrinated by the Right-wingers?
    Mr. McClelland, shut up.