Vote for Blair

Vote for Blair
: Here’s what I want to hear our leaders saying. It’s what Tony Blair said today:

Tony Blair defended the doctrine of pre-emptive military action this morning, promising to “wage war relentlessly on those who would exploit racial and religious division to bring catastrophe to the world”.

In a speech in his Sedgefield constituency, the prime minister warned of the “mortal danger” posed by Islamist terrorists and rogue states acquiring weapons of mass destruction, and insisted that “this is not the time to err on the side of caution”.

“We surely have a duty and a right to prevent the threat materialising; and we surely have a responsibility to act when a nation’s people are subjected to a regime such as Saddam’s,” he said.

Mr Blair called for the reform of international law and the UN to allow the elimination of rogue, repressive regimes which might supply terrorists with WMD….

He claimed the attacks of September 11 had “altered crucially the balance of risk”, showing as they did that Islamist terrorists were prepared to wage “war without limit”.

“From September 11 on, I could see the threat plainly,” he said. “Here were terrorists prepared to bring about Armageddon.