Martha, Martha

Martha, Martha
: Well, prosecutors have now set their own bar sky-high after getting Martha Stewart. If she does two years, the Enron mob better do 200 each; ditto Worldcom; ditto Health South; ditto….

: The defense screwed up by not presenting a defense; it was another indiction of Martha hubris.

: John Cole:

The government had no case that Martha Stewart did what they actually accused her of, but was convicted of trying to keep the government from proving that she did nothing wrong, and for that she could spend the rest of her life in jail.

[via Donald Sensing]

  • Hell yeah. Except she’s a Democrat so the rules are different…

  • tom

    Should we start making bets on what she actually does? After the verdict, I’d probably be a little less likely to make an “eat my shoes” bet on what she’ll get sentenced.

  • sam

    Lerned Hand said there were several reasons for punishmnent, not the least of which is to set an example. Lies under oath are lies and one should go to prison for them. It doesn’t matter whether it is about 100k, 100mm or a BJ – something you obviously don’t understand. All of the above pass the prison test and to insist on linear proportionality is downright silly.

  • Jerry

    This is the most popular conviction since Haldeman, Ehrlichman, et al, traded pinstripes for prison stripes after Watergate. Look for a boom in jailhouse chic and new recipes for bologna.

  • AW

    Sam — your comments are not actually correct. It does matter if its about $100, $100,000, or stealing from soneone. For exmaple, in many instances of securities and corporate law, the loss (or amount involved) does determine the crime and punishment.

  • KMK

    Poor Martha, busted over a few hundred thousand. She needs to learn how to play like the big boys. Like Cheney. Is he sweating it? Nah, he’s duck hunting, wink wink, with Scalia.

  • veloer

    All she had to do to avoid any trouble is pay the RNC.

  • Trump

    If she does two years, the Enron mob better do 200 each; ditto Worldcom; ditto Health South; ditto….
    Why? Maybe Enron, HealthSouth and Worldcom will hire better lawyers and actually put up a defense…

  • Joe Peden

    “Exmaple”, that’s a good one, and I think I will use it wherever I want, unless I might be convicted of trying to prove what was true, by stating what was true, given that I might be a new maple, which would make me guilty of being a maple, when I was really an exmaple.

  • JorgXMcKie

    I think she should get the same punishment Bill Clinton did for lying under oath: disbarred in Arkansas, revocation of ability to practice before SCOTUS, and a small fine. Sounds fair.

  • chris b

    I think Martha should be made the new dictator of Iraq and let her straighten out the whole mess over there.

  • Ebb Tide

    Let’s have a new reality tv show where martha shows how to clean toilets in jail, work in the prison laundry and then serve meals in the prison foodline…. but that will never happen, she won’t do any kind of prison time at all, she’ll write a book and make another gazillion, a tv movie and another gazillion, she’ll have a blog with a pay pal link…. I did perk up a bit when I heard it was guilty on all 4 counts… but my cynicism is creeping back up to full power.

  • Meanwhile, in FY2002 just 13 (thirteen) companies were fined for immigration violations. If only she’d had an illegal alien stockbroker she’d be free today.

  • Ebb Tide

    I was over at Slate looking at the Martha Meter (it’s pegged at 100%) and I came across this article that explains RSS feeds, I know I am the last person to “grok” what an RSS feed means, but in case someone else isn’t on the leading edge this is a good read:
    RSS Explained