Kerry on homeland security

Kerry on homeland security
: John Kerry talks about terrorism and homeland security:

“And as we protect America from danger at home – we will protect this country from danger abroad. I do not believe George Bush has done too much in the war on terror. I believe he’s done too little. He has failed to maintain our post-9/11 global coalition, left our troops unprotected, and thought too little about the challenges we face. As President, I will use every tool at our disposal — not only a strong military, but renewed alliances, vigorous law enforcement, reliable intelligence, and unremitting effort to shut down the flow of terrorist funds — to fight the war on terror.”

Well, it’s a start… But I’d still rather hear the firm conviction of Tony Blair.

“This is not a time to err on the side of caution; not a time to weigh the risks to an infinite balance; not a time for the cynicism of the worldly wise who favour playing it long,” he said.

What he said.