Weblogs trashed (cont.)

Weblogs trashed (cont.)
: Gotta love Rick Bruner’s take on the poo-pooing of the Pew study that counts blogs:

Gotta love CNN’s spin: “Very few bloggers on Net.” The report in question, from Pew Research, concludes that two percent of U.S. Internet users kept online journals last year, but it goes on to say that more recent research from the last couple of months suggests that figure may have risen to seven percent. Based on Pew’s own estimates of how many Americans are now online (126 million adults, as of last December), that works out to 2.5 million to 8.8 million bloggers in this country.

To put that in perspective, while some 86 million U.S. homes have CNN on their cable dials, only some 3.6 million people were tuning in daily to see its live coverage of the Iraq invasion, and its top-viewed regular show, Larry King, attracts only one million viewers on average. Very few indeed.

It’s even better than that. Pew says that 11 percent read blogs. So that’s 14 million Americans. Beats the hell out of CNN.

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