Kerry’s in, Edwards out

Kerry’s in, Edwards out
: CNN says Edwards will drop out tomorrow.

  • BigBadRepublican

    John Edwards ???
    Is proof positive of a “LIBERAL” media. He guy barely wins 1 primary out of 27, and he’s hailed as a “great” campaigner. Could he have been any more inept?
    If Edwards was too cowardly to run against Kerry (another coward in waiting), just think what this character would’ve done to combat Bin Laden? Oh I know, lets lob a couple of cruise missles at an empty dirt camp and call it a day.
    The only thing Edwards proved this time around is that he’s nothing but hot-air, just like the rest of the Liberals, err shhh don’t say that word.
    Come November, we’ll be partying like its 1999.

  • I’m sorry, but this is news? Edwards maybe making it offical tomarrow, but Edwards dropped out weeks ago when he refuesd to take on Kerry.