: More from Maher’s show this week: Maher says he no longer does Stern’s show and doesn’t much like him but defends him against Clear Channel. Speaking from his own experience being yanked off a network, Maher, says, it seems it’s the people who don’t hear you who get you yanked. Christie Todd Whitman is on the panel and says she doesn’t listen to Stern but his endorsement did make a big difference in her election victory in New Jersey and she said Clear Channel will come to regret the decision economically.

  • Richard Swan

    If I remember right, Maher’s shows ratings were bad even before he made his comment, and the show wasn’t canceled for several months, he may have been suspended I don’t remember. I my memory is correct, that has got to be the slowest yank in history.

  • Selling66

    Well, guess I’ll have to give up on BuzzMachine as a blog. If our host is gullible or dishonest enough to go along with Maher’s pathetic fantasy of martyrdom, then there’s no reason to believe that any of Jeff’s own arguments are based on any kind of fact. Here’s a clue, though, Jeff: Check out the White House transcripts of what Maher claims to be his crucifixion, and discover that Maher wasn’t the only guy Ari was talking about in the day’s comments.

  • JorgXMcKie

    One of my best friends is a hard-core Catholic Iowa Republican and she was a Politically Incorrect fan, big-time. I watched a few times and found it mostly kinda slow and decidedly stacked. It didn’t impress me much, nor did I find more than a small part funny. I’m more of an anarchist communitarian or strong libertarian. YMMV. Maher doesn’t really appear to me to be a martyr to much of anything. Far as I know, he’s still alive, still making a living, still producing his kind of comedy/commentary. Where’s the martyrdom part?

  • John Mendenhall

    All these no-talent has-beens: it’s a liberal dream line-up of people ruined by the right wing who then successfully fooled lots of us that the ruined entertainers were let go because they weren’t, uh, good entertainers.