Ralph as comedy

Ralph as comedy
: Ralph Nader was on Bill Maher’s show talking about a Chinese bird flu as a weapon of mass destruction. He’s sounding wackier and wackier.

Maher tells him that voting for him the last time now “seems like a bratty indulgence.”

It’s Ralph’s birthday as he’s on the show and Bill gives him a birthday cake: a pinto with the candles burning at the rear end.

  • Diane

    That cake was a great touch!!

  • Pete Stanley

    Are you sure it wasn’t a Corvair?

  • Joe Peden

    Nader is no more wackier than Maher, nor Gore. Does Kerry make any sense at all? Botox has paralyzed his brain, if any.

  • Reid

    That should be Pinto. Ford Pinto.
    It took me a second to get it as I grappled with the vision of a small horse with candles on its butt, trying to figure out what the double meaning was (a flaming horse’s patootie?).

  • Why is it comedy to think that an enemy might send an epidemic our way? It might not be the case wrt bird flu, but that doesn’t mean that a) it’s not possible and b) countries haven’t researched it.