Help: Mail problem while using AOL as ISP

Help: Mail problem while using AOL as ISP
: I’m away, forced to use AOL as my ISP (sadly) and now I suddenly can’t use any of my email programs or mail servers to send email; none can connect to my SMTP servers. I seem to remember an AOL issue here (of course). Any advice??

  • Secret Agent J


  • Jay Gilbert

    I don’t remember if you’ve ever mentioned that you use a Mac; this suggestion probably only works for Mac, but maybe a variation would work on your PC:
    Open up the TCP/IP control panel. AOL software often will automatically change this setting when you sign on with their software. Changing it back to “Ethernet/DHCP” or something simliar may solve your problem.

  • angell

    Don’t know if this helps, but I know AOL does not have an outgoing mail server and you need one to send mail.
    AOL and email
    AOL does not provide its customers a standard outgoing mail server.

  • No, no, all of those workarounds are not necessary on AOL anymore. All you need to do is use a separate app like Outlook Express or Foxmail, and make sure your settings are correct. AOL doesn’t prevent this. You just can’t do anything with *their* email program. I’m on AOL right now, and use my separate email accounts this way all the time.

  • No, Carson, I was doing just that and it stopped working. I used three different Internet clients to two different servers and they won’t let me send mail. It worked and then it didn’t. I sent email while on this trip using those programs and now, suddenly, I can’t get to any SMTP server no matter what the setting. It’s very odd and I can’t figure out what happened. In the meantime, I can’t send mail.

  • button

    Jeff, I’m no geek, but I use Yahoo for almost all my mail and I’m still on AOL. The problem that I was warned I would have was that I wouldn’t be able to send an attachment, but I found a way to do that by using my Internet Explorer Browser instead of the AOL.
    Extrapolating from my previous and successful experience, I would suggest you try that combination: you connect to the Internet with the AOL and then launch MS Internet Explorer which you use to perform mailing functions for you or interacting with MS IE as the go-between.
    Good luck with that!

  • janice

    so did you try mail2web?

  • Hrm, sorry ’bout that, Jeff. One obscure thing pops to mind, and that’s that I once had a prob with AOL and an email account, and discovered that it had to do with security features in a particular version of SENDMAIL that my network was using — it assumed all dialups are a security risk and prevents you from sending mail *on purpose*.
    In this case, I could receive mail to my hearts content, but couldn’t send anything out. The weird thing is, I could send at first, but then some would get stopped with increasing frequency, and then nothing at all would go out, ever. Very frustrating. It only happened to me once, though, so I thought it was a more isolated problem.
    My final solution, after nothing else worked, was to open up a new account with an email host that didn’t have that SENDMAIL problem. The account on the old server still exists, but it’s configured to just forward everything on to my working account.
    This probably doesn’t help much, though. Good luck on getting it all straightened out!

  • marie49125

    Hi I don’t know if this is going to help you but like you I am kinda forced to use AOL as my ISP.
    Since 2003 aol provides IMAP services for any account in aol just setup your outlook or eudora (does not work on lotus). It is true that AOL only let you use their smtp for aol accounts only. So while you are using outlook and IMAP you cannot use their smtp to send any other mail account you have besides AOL.(AOL keyword IMAP)
    What I do is I use my aol with outlook and IMAP and AOL SMTP, then I configured my others accounts (retriving from outside has been ok) but for smtp I have set up an account (free) at then I configure outlook to have myrealbox account then my other email accountswith pop from my servers and smtp from my realbox account.
    The only thing you have to do is to first set outlook to check your myrealbox account before you send you mail with your other account.
    hope it does help
    it is also true that using explorer instead of aol browser helps a lot.

  • You’re not going crazy. I was an AOL customer for just over 6 years, and also a beta tester for them. Much to my frustration, they began intermittently closing the port needed to send mail with third-party client software. I was told it was a “security issue” and their method of fighting spam, but was only told this after insisting that they open the damned port so I could email using my own server. They also append things to your outgoing mail in the x-refer lines. How could they do this if you weren’t sending through their servers? Fact is, they couldn’t.
    I feel for ya, really. The only thing you can do is keep sending them nastygrams. Also, the tip about the security settings in your browser is a good one… if you have set those up to custom levels, put them back to default. Restart the machine, connect to aol, and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.