: Instapundit sent around email on the case of the mysterious, oft-quoted Republican/independent. I emailed the man to see which he was. Campaign Desk, to their credit, actually picked up the phone to call him. The results:

Will the real George Meagher please stand up? As it happens, he will; Campaign Desk called George, and he was happy to talk. He is an independent, he says, and has “never been a Republican” because he dislikes “labels.”

[NYTimes reporter] Rosenthal admits she made a mistake, citing Meagher’s involvement in Bush’s 2000 campaign (which she mentioned in her Sunday piece) as the root of her confusion. She says that the two different quotes were pulled from the same interview, conducted during the run-up to the South Carolina primary. Meagher says he can’t remember exactly what he said nearly a month ago, but he confirms he was interviewed just once.

A correction has already been written, and will be printed in tomorrow’s Times.

  • Richard Heddleson

    Congratulations and Thank you.

  • Alameda Mike

    Why did bloggers have to do this instead of the NYT’s “public editor”? What, exactly, is he getting paid to do? Just asking.

  • Jeremy

    Play rotissiere baseball?

  • The Times correction notes that the reporter misidentified Meagher as a Republican instead of an Independent–but why was Rosenthal recycling three-week old anti-Republican quotes in the first place?
    Times White House reporter Elisabeth Bumiller did a similar thing last summer, recycling an anti-Bush quote from a Wisconsinite named Michael Retzer (“Right now I am very disillusioned with the Republicans’ policies.”) in two stories, five days apart.