Losers hang together

Losers hang together
: Lloyd Grove, bloggers’ favorite punching bag, is so desperate to find anybody else who’s a loser like him that he gives publicity to the scurrilous hate speech from John Lee glibly throwing around the word racism as if it were meaningless.

  • Not to divert any richly deserved kidney punches from Lloyd Grove, but I’d argue that Maureen Dowd is the bloggers’ favorite punching bag. Left and right might not agree on much, but we can all agree that Dowd is a hacktacular waste of space, bereft of insight or principles.

  • I’d been dimly aware of this humorless PC publicity-seeker’s moronic little gambit, but I’d been avoiding it because I suspected it was so asinine. Seeing this column has confirmed that. I can’t believe Lloyd Grove is giving this guy publicity. What a moron. What a couple of morons. Ana Marie Cox’s response is showing him too much respect. I liked Choire Sicha’s response better.
    This is the most ridiculous line:
    It’s just funnier to see how thin-skinned they are
    He’s the one crying “racism” over nothing, and he’s calling other people thin-skinned. What a pathetic loser.
    Actually, no, the most ridiculous line was when Grove called the guy a “swashbuckling computer hacker”. I guess, they’re just mutually building up each others’ egos. What does that mean anyway? Does he carrry a rapier, perhaps? Does he wear an eyepatch?

  • stubby

    A while back some glossy rag – Vanity Fair, I think – did an “interview” with Dame Edna, who went on and on with some funny rant about Mexicans (something about hiring them, and accents. That’s all I remember). Now, the whole point of Dame Edna is that she’s a parody of your garden variety upper class English twit, right? But no, that’s far too subtle for some people, for instance Selma Hayek, who got her panties in a wad and wrote a fierce letter to the editor denouncing the racist views of what is, after all, a character played by an Australian man.
    Same thing here. The last time I saw a Gawker post remotely connected to race was an entry about the NY Social Diary actually having pictures of black people, and how gawker was “stunned.” I do believe that’s poking fun at the Social Diary, not the black people.

  • JorgXMcKie

    Personally, I believe that if it hasn’t already, the term “racist” should soon become meaningless. Whatever useful meaning it once had has been lost as it increasingly is used to signify “I strongly disagree with what you say and think you should shut up.”

  • Joe Peden

    Jorg, you beat me to the punch, you racist: meaning, “I’m upset cause you beat me”.

  • “Lloyd Grove, bloggers’ favorite punching bag”
    This blogger sez: who he?

  • Percy Dovetonsils

    Jorg, Joe, with all respect, the revised definition of “racist” is “white person, esp. a Republican.”

  • HH

    At least Salma isn’t representing a major portion of a N. American country… now those people really ought to be ashamed.