Iran sham: Great Michael Ledeen

Iran sham
: Great Michael Ledeen column on the true numbers in the Iranian “election.” We got way way better coverage out of Iranian bloggers/citizen reporters via than through most big media.

(And we got that thanks to the translation of Hoder, Pedram, and other Iranian bloggers.)

: UPDATE: And Pedram says it even better. What does it matter how many people show up to a sham election?

In short, even if 80% take part in the next fake election, it won’t prove anything. It will not be a sign of approval for the regime or the process in any way or shape. What is clear, is that the majority of Iranians do not approve of this regime. If they did, there would be no reason for the establishment to deny the demand of its various inside and outside opposition to hold a binding and monitored referendum and either silence all the critics once and for all, or accept their policies of the past 25 ears have been a major disaster and accept the consequences. Only if that vote is internationally supervised and accepted binding by all sides will we be able and justified to argue about what the numbers actually mean or how it’ll effect the future of Iran.

  • I don’t believe this rube’s information is any more reliable than the info put out by the Iranian government. Why do you think this clown is more believable?

  • Well, Robert, now you have really exposed yourself for what you are: an Iranian mullah.

  • C’mon, NRO columnists are about as reliable as the Iranian government is for telling the truth.

  • Ledeen noted that “Meanwhile … Senator John Kerry, sends an e-mail to Tehran Times, Iran’s official English-language newspaper, promising that relations between the United States and Iran would improve enormously if Kerry were to be elected next November.”
    Isn’t that kind of … treasonous?

  • Come on now — you know that “treason” is just an obsolete term from the Dark Ages. Now that we are 60% More Enlightened!™ than our forebearers, we know that there can be no such thing as “treason” when an enemy is just a constituent whose ass you haven’t kissed yet.

  • Reid

    It would also be monumentally stupid to help prop up the illegitimate rule of the mullahs. Our future lies with the Iranian people who, for reasons of sheer democraphics, will inevitably one day throw off the yoke of the mullahs.