Good for you, Howard Dean

Good for you, Howard Dean
: A few days ago, I said that Howard Dean should come out urging his supporters not to shift their support to Ralph Election Spoiler Nader.

Well, Howard Dean just did it. Good for you, Doc.

Those who truly want America’s leaders to stand up to the corporate special interests and build a better country for working people should recognize that, in 2004, a vote for Ralph Nader is, plain and simple, a vote to re-elect George W. Bush. I hope that Ralph Nader will withdraw his candidacy in the best interests of the country we hope to become.

Many of my supporters urged me to run as an independent, but I judged it the wrong thing to do. There is still time for Ralph Nader to stand with those in the Democratic Party who are building a progressive coalition to defeat George W. Bush. But time is running out. We can win only if we are united.

Finally, something on which Dean and I wholeheartedly agree.

: UPDATE: Joe Lieberman also tells Nader what for.