More from Iran

More from Iran
: The BlogIran newsletter proclaims:

Reports from most Iranian cities are stating about the massive popular boycott of the Islamic Clerical regime’s sham elections. Millions of Iranians have stayed home and far from official ballot boxes in order to show the rejection of the Islamic republic in its totality.

: Keep reading the citizens’ reporting on Persian blogs, translated here: Great stuff, very local. A few excerpts here and also a few posts below.

: Here’s a nice post from a Persian blog on media manipulation…

eehum: Tehran 14:00pm – TV’s channel 2 is showing images of people voting in different cities across the country. Images of city of Tabriz [north-west of Iran] show a long queue of people waiting to vote. However, looking carefully in the images, you can see there are a lot of people wearing short-sleeve shirts and not wearing warm clothes. I would like to ask my friends to find out the temperature in Tabriz. There is no doubt that these films are taken in a warm season.

Later in this blog: A friend told me that Tabriz is almost 8 degrees celcius above zero [which is indeed cold and not suitable for summer T-shirts].

” More media moments:

Iran and World News: This morning, on 10:30, around 50 people gathered around a minibus

  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    How educational it would be to see more onsite descriptions of reporters’ behavior. Corroborative witnesses to their stories are many times lacking. Here’s a valuable function for bloggers.

  • Ebb Tide

    “….said that they were voting just to kick America’s ass!”
    “…All of those people were talking about punching America’s face…”
    Yeah, I’m thrilled to read about it.

  • po

    Kind of makes you wonder why we even give a crap if they have an election or live under the whip for a hundred years. Sometimes I just want to build the fences and high and let the animals stew in their own crap…then I realize that we are fortunate that we have duty to help in small ways when we can.