Monsieur Dean

Monsieur Dean
: Loic Le Meur helped a likely candidate for the presidency of France to start a blog.

  • ;=)
    Thanks for the pointer, Jeff !

  • JLR

    FYI, the guy was Former Finance minister in France and we do add the next French Presidential Elections will be in 2007 ;-)

  • Anonymous

    and we do add that DSK was involved in some very questionable practices with elf and girlfriend and is just one more member of the clique

  • HA

    Everybody seems to think the greatest impact of the Dean candidacy is his innovative use of the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. The internet is just another tool. If he had just used it to promote the neutered Democratic agenda, he would have been of little consequence. His greatest impact is that he radicalized the Democrats.
    So the real question is not who is going to employ the internet next. Everybody will. The real question is who is going to radicalize the Republicans? Who is going to be the Republican Howard Dean?

  • Thomas

    Congratulations for the anonymous diffamatory comment :
    you may have undisclosed proofs to prove M. Strauss-Kahn’s guilt, I’m sorry you didn’t show them during the trial, by acting so you committed a crime. For you information, even the prosecutor recognised that the legal system had not functionned properly in that case, and asked for withdrawal of charges against M. Strauss-Kahn.
    Regarding your comment on a mysterious “girlfriend”, I don’t really understand what you’re suggesting. Is it by any way related to your memorable intervention in the Kerry-Drudge case?

  • Mike

    To “anonymous”…
    The so called “clique” is in charge right now in France ! Criticizing politicians and accusing them of belonging to the clique was an argument issued by an important German political leader of the 30’s…Remind of a guy named Adolf Hitler ?
    Populism is the shortest way to dictatorship…Think about it!