: Technorati is trying to clean up its user interface (at ETech, Dave Sifry was quite self-deprecating about it). So instead of unclear words like “cosmos” to get you to a site’s report of inbound links, there’s now an unclear blue, oval icon (but at least it’s cleaner). But here’s the odd thing: Instead of saying that you have so many inbound blogs, you now have so many “fans” and instead of so many inbound links, you now have “inbound references.”

But they’re not fans. Some of the people who link to me (and vice versa) are, instead enemies. And what’s wrong with the word “link?” It’s clear and short.

Cleaning up is a good thing. But sometimes you can try too hard.

: UPDATE: Nevermind. I caught them playing. Now it’s all back to normal. Life is a work in progress and I love watching it.

  • “fans” sounds pretty :-)
    Imagine: “you have so many devotees hanging on your every word” :-)
    [Note the above phrasing diplomatically avoids whether the reasons are positive or negative!]

  • Hey, Jeff, I link to you and I’m not your enemy. I definitely your fan. And listen, I’m thin-skinned. If Dave Sifry wants to tell me all those people are my fans, I believe him. (Now if only a few of them would buy my books…)

  • old maltese

    Thanks for the comments on ‘fans’ (even if they did change it back).
    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is so *friendly* (arghh) by listing my ‘favorites’.
    I don’t ‘favor’ those links. I find them useful.
    Netscape’s ‘bookmarks’ is a clever, neutral, non-touchy-feely name. Much better.

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    I’m not an enemy but a friend. Herewith a friendly comment: YOU’RE DRIVING ME NUTS NOT INDENTING AND SEPARATING PARAGRAPHS.