: Glenn Reynolds delivers his eulogy for Howard Dean:

I’ll actually miss him. I’m pretty sure that he would have been a disaster as a President, or even as a general-election candidate. I disagreed with him on most stuff, I think, and certainly about his signature issue, the war. But he did have a genuineness that the other candidates lacked, and I liked him for that.

I don’t agree that he was genuine.

People said that when he was a governor, he was a centrist and a reasonable man.

He created a new persona and new worldview in his (tatically mistaken) effort to win the nomination: He moved himself left; he moved himself back toward the center when he thought he’d exploited the war sufficiently to become frontrunner; he made himself in to America’s new angry (not) young man.

That’s just why I didn’t trust him, because I couldn’t be sure which was the real Dean.